We all operate using specific popular tactics. Things we do. I call them things.

Like my horc does his trip and expire. Pretty easy stuff – first you trip them, then you follow up with a greataxe face plant.

My Monk does his stun and drum – stun and then smack ’em enough times so they do the whole scream and gurgle thing (usually at the same time as the final damage numbers followed by the deathskull shows up above their heads).

My FvS has its slice and dice (blade barrier and run critters through the AOE until they expire).

I don’t have anything special (that I call anyways) for my Arti’s. Sure, I do the whole BB at times but for most part it’s repeater with a faceload of runearm. Maybe deto runearming? You know – throw out a tactical detonation followed by a fully charged runearm? How about dropping a blade barrier, fire turret in the middle then circle the blades? Fire in the hole?

My Sorc does his Full spell meta ‘tard. That’s all metas on, unleashing a barrage and torrent of spells – usually in places like the shroud (where there’s little chance for him to steal all the aggro). Considering that the metas include empower, maximize, quicken and heighten it is most of the stuff that makes the hurt a little worse. Add the draconic 20 second additional spell power damage and hit the critter with the earth savants ability to increase damage they take from acid and its 3000+ SP worth of rapid BOOM!

I’m also fond of the tickle me not sorco – that’s when I ‘collect’ critters to attack me. Kind of like kiting, but not really. Kiting is more follow John through painfull AOE – this is simply to stack them up to attack my sorc and then expire them with a acid energy burst with a minimum of 1500 in damage and all the way up to 5k+.

Then there’s always dance until you drop, or stickit’. You drop a web or dancing ball and collect them to get stuck in it – drop a nice acid rain or such ontop followed by some acid bursts. Which brings me to the follow up tactic of melfs last man standing – acid spray or melf’s acid arrow for whomever survived all of those previous tactics and now have sub 10% left of their HP.


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