EE – a start at least

I do want to unlock purple knights favor so I can get the planar conflux and the spiderweb thingie unlocked. So that means the fearful process of pugging EE eveningstar quests. All of them plus 5 star all challenges (dumb). Pretty stiff requirements for favor but there it is.

Here’s thing – a pug is like a box of manure. Sometimes you get excellent healers and awful players. Othertimes you get great players and an awful healer. And sometimes you get a horc FvS healer that likes to beat craniums more then healing – so death happens. Enough times. It was just a combination of people who wanted to pretend it was EN and lots of pointless deaths that followed. But we got it done.

Ultimately we failed the end quest because new arrivals didnt realize that we were doing EE which is quite different from normal and hard. So the group wiped as some went left and pulled a priestess and some went right and pulled a bunch of necromancers. Then the drow archers did the rest. Simply put a perfect example of people playing with normal in mind.

I’m guessing the road towards fully unlocked favor will be long and rocky


4 thoughts on “EE – a start at least

  1. BlueSilence

    But… aren’t healers players too (unless they are hirelings)?

    My only EE attempt has been Detour but I only made it like 40% invis run.

  2. PrdPolack

    The jump in difficulty going from EHard to EElite (or even just Hard to Elite), just does not register on some people and/or groups. The key is some communication when you begin, and depending on the party leader, is either there or not.

  3. Kwychang

    I had far to many bad experiences with pug’s in my last mmo. So I’ve only ever played DDO solo atm. Plus as I still don’t know how to play the game properly i’m put off from pugging myself, albeit for very different reasons.


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