All costs not being equal

One slight additional to my previous rant about the new augment changes. First off the ‘cost’ is going to change. It’s generally going to cost less to slot something which makes sense since the augments range from 1 to 24. And not all augments being equal (and therefore not the cost).


I currently have some items with fear immunity slotted and others with feather falling and even Heavy fortification. Throw in con +6 on my rock boots for good measure. These all cost 30 tokens each (20 for con +6). Which is steep and the reason why I haven’t slotted all my epic gear (’cause I can’t afford it).

In the new system fear immunity will be a ML 8 yellow augment, feather falling ML 4 yellow augment (makes sense since you can find ML 1 FF items) and Heavy Fortification ML 8 blue augment. You’ll find items with ability +6 stats around 11.

In addition you will be able to add things like up to 35 in elemental resists, 30% striding and Greater Focus etc. That was not possible previously and the only way you have been able to add striding before is through dragon touch rune.

With this in mind slotting something like a ML 4 or 8 augment will be much more reasonable then with the current system. At this moment since all costs being equal, whether you add feather falling or heavy fortification, you end up paying 30 tokens for the ‘pleasure’. With this new system and with a lot more choices it should be less. Especially if you want things like feather falling or fear immunity.

Lets just hope however that in redoing many items and adding a new augment system that they also consider looking over the arbitrary BTC, BTA etc system that provides such a head ache.


4 thoughts on “All costs not being equal

  1. patang01

    Dunno – I’m guessing it will be tokens and some kind of store currency – or even be able to buy augments outright in the store.

  2. BossOfEarth

    The official word on trading so far is you will trade GIANTHOLD RELICS for regular augments and EPIC TOKENS for epic augments.


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