Changes at the horizon

The augment system is getting a run over. One of many changes coming to an alternate future near you. Like a complete PrE overhaul. No words about that one so I will simply sob when no one is looking and move on. But a completely redone augment system for both named and random stuff is coming. One that means buh-bye for guild augments.

I’m not going to re-cap all the changes but here’s the official word from Turbine.

In short – random items have a slight chance of coming with an augment slot. It’s not going to me tiny, small, medium or large like the guild augment. It’s going to be color coded just like epic named items have them now (again read the link). The main differense is that the type of augment determines what ML the item will have. So if the item itself is ML 12 and you put a ML 20 augment in the slot, the item will be ML 20 until you change the item to a lower one. But the item will always be at least ML 12 until you disjunct it for Cannith crafting.

The benefit of this system is it adds flexibility and that the augments are finally slightly better then before. Plus they’re not all of equal value. Before everything was epic level 20 – where underwater breathing was the same as Protection +4. Now there’s an entire range of protection from 1 through 7 I believe with different ML requirements. In other words you can slot some augments a lot earlier then others for a benefit on sub 20 Epic named items. Like underwater breathing and feather falling.

What’s not clear of course if the many named items that are changing in update 17 will also get augment slots as a result. It would be cool and I guess we’re going to have to check lam out when they update it.

Also – the guild system is not going away right away – no new items will drop with guild augment slots but the old ones are not getting removed. Plus if you’re happy with your current epic augment slots they will stay that way until you cleanse them.

In the process of changing how things work the cost and how you slot things will change as well. There is no longer any need to use an epic altar to slot the items. You simply click on the augment and a bartering window comes up and I assume you pay the cost to slot whatever you want in it. The augment coloring remain the same as before; clear, red, yellow and blue and orange green and violet for those special slots that can slot from several different colors.

Only named items can have the special orange, green and violet slots – random can have clear, red, yellow and blue.

There’s also going to be special named augments that drop out of some quests. Kind of like a named item but as an augment instead. There will be more added over time including the DA augments but without a timer. Those will not show up in update 17 due to time constraint, nor will there be skill augments but they will in future updates. That if anything is very good news as it adds ultimate flexibility to everything.

Note however that unlike guild augments that doesn’t add to ML, these do. So don’t expect to start out with twink gear that has 80 additional SP slotted in a ML 1 item. While these items will remain, you won’t be able to do it going forward with this augment system. But you can craft items with the augments, making for excellent flexible gear that also adds a few new dimensions to your over all experience.

Currently the most HP you can get out of a guild slot is 20. With the new augment system the best is 35 HP – but keep in mind that this won’t stack with your greater life stuff. Guild augments currently stack with everything since it’s considered guild bonus. The best part is that all random items share the same functional system. Hands on your heart – have you found a weapon with a large guild slot? Most of the time I pull things with tiny or small slots and I don’t find the strength to even bother doing anything with that. Now with this system the size is not going to be the issue – only the ML that you add to it. So if you pull a random weapon with a red augment slot you will be able to add whatever red augment to it – keeping in mind that you will have to keep that ML in mind.

Also – the flexibility is very nice. With the promise of more named augments and future skill augments and such (and none of them have timers like guild augments) you can make your dream item just as you want it. Like random boots with a yellow augment slot. Disjunct and make it into something say with feather falling then slot a ML 20 striding 30%. Or if you can craft flexible shards – featherfalling of flexible heavy fort with 30% striding slotted.

It’s possible – and which adds a tremendous value in ensuring that you can get the most out of your gear. Or why not constitution +7 in one of your named epic items? It will bump it up to ML 24, but since you’re most likely going to use it going forward (looking at you epic rock boots) there’s no reason to worry about it.

It’s clear that I’m psyched about this new system and while it’s a give and take in regards to some lost flexibility compared to the old system it’s still a clear improvement over what we have today. Putting Epic back into Epic named items.


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