Tokens are dead, long live epic relics – update

I’m all for augments. Seems like a solid system. But more stupid mats – BTA or BTC I’m sure – yeah. That’s right – level 20 and 25 augments require epic relics. I’m not sure if you can get them in the epic wilderness but more mats when we already have an established system is just…blech.

Ontop of that – heroic accomendations required for the ML 24 augments in addition to epic relics. Yeah.

Sigh. Turbine sure knows how to add more crap to our bags, more crap for our banks yet keep their arcane bank system at a trickle. So let me see – if I want the ultimate augment I also need to pull BTC heroic accomendations that drops out of Citw and possibly TOR.

update – Epic relics drops out of random encounter. The release notes says these are random encounter which makes it seem like they can show up anywhere just like in Kings Forest and update 16, but they don’t seem too. So far I found the giant out of a small problem in Epic GH wilderness but the squidface and Supply master popped up where they always are. So providing runners with a okay place to find epic relics. No saying if only a specific kind drops there (you need all 3 to buy augments) but so far I got 1 elven which I got out of epic famine and 2 giant out of the random ones.

Also – there are some issues. Spell crits are borked. It’s almost like they don’t recognize items since the chance seems small. I use fully upgraded epic rock boots and a scepter with superior ice lore, but the chance to crit is abysmally small. Both should be 21%. Also, the saves are epic – with 50 in charisma and +2 to DC etc they don’t spell resist (like the drows) but FoD simply won’t work that well. And thats on normal and in wilderness. I can only forsee that epic elite is going to be epic (wilderness and quests seems to be level 24).

And wail don’t work period. The animation goes off but no negative levels and no damage. Nothing.

Hopefully they will fix these problems because borked crit and no wail will make a lot of caster furious. So far no random good items with augment slots. BTW – the ending of epic famine has a surprise to it. Enjoy it. And some boobie trapped chests are quite different from other trapped chests. Enjoy.

Also – augments can now drop in some chests. You know that hidden chest with the ultra trap in Cabal? I pulled a ML 24 agument (not one of those specially named but one that you can make. Unbound btw (WOOT!). Thank you turbine – the whole btc stuff breaks my heart. Did I mention that the Epic relics are unbound? (WOOT!). Yeah – seems to be able to be traded. Thank you, thank you…please don’t change.


One thought on “Tokens are dead, long live epic relics – update

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    BTC needs to be shot, thrown into a raging inferno, pissed on enough to put out the raging inferno, the ashes ground underfoot, then napalmed, and then dug up with a backhoe, covered in concrete, loaded into a rocket, and sent into the sun.

    Also, bigger damned bags, and possibly a specific (unbound/BTA) Augment bag.


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