Update 17

Click here for a link to the release notes.

Looks like for most part older loot gets a boost plus possible augment and Caught in the Web raid loot can be upgraded (for a final version) to include a augment slot. Nice. Very nice.

I’m currently downloading the lam client (new computer – missing some stuff:)

We’ll see – currently we’re talking about some interesting things. The Sands have an upgraded version of it’s items but not the epic stuff. Which is a pity since some of the epic stuff is just not good in any respect. But the drop rate seems to have increased in respect to some loot so that’s good. Also – formerly unbound named stuff is not BTCoE. Pity. Below 20 it should be BTAoE but in a way this is good news. Nothing seems to be mentioned about formerly BTC stuff but nothing will be done with BTA stuff. It would be nice that if they look in their hearts to heart they also.

You know what I really like tho (sarcasm alert) – taking 45 minutes to download the client and waiting another 30minutes plus to patch it.


2 thoughts on “Update 17

  1. PrdPolack

    FYI Instead of having to download the clients all over again, such as when upgrading computers, etc…I have come up with a solution that enables me to play sooner. This might not help you now, but can save you time and effort in the future. I have copied my game directory, for both the regular and the Lam clients, to an external back up drive (you could even do it to a data hard drive in the same computer). I have then taken the directory to another computer, copied it, and started playing in less than 10 minutes. Now, I backup/copy the directories after every update, after I test the update for about a week, so that my backup is kept current.

  2. patang01

    Smart move – the only thing is that I’ve since cleaned up the old comp’s hard drive since I gave that to my wife. She really didn’t want all my garbage on her ‘new’ computer.


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