I might’ve just saved my soul

This is not one of those rants about the soul wrenching, mind numbing travesties called Eveningstar challenges. Long live its ‘death’. Nah – I’m done. Partly because I’m using the Wizards Orb until I have myself a fully upgraded Twilight, but also because there’s a new option – Stormreavers tablecloth. Sure. it’s not the exact same thing as the challenge cloak, but then I only really cared about the +2 to DC. And mostly because I wanted to consolidate all those greater focuses into one item and leave other slots open for more configurations.

All in all, there are a lot of items in the new Epic GH that will provide ample new options for my alts.

So I’m saved from the grind, eventhough I’m more likely to put together enough mats to make the cloak in shorter time then pulling and upgrading it from the raid itself. But that’s irrelevant – I’m saving my soul right?

I’m also considering ditching my spidersilk robe in favor for the flawless blue dragon robe. Maybe. It depends if they ‘strengthen’ it a little. Right now it’s kind of ‘weak’. There are two reasons for this; one – The Epic blue dragon helmet is bound to have a +3 insightful charisma version. Which is nice. All of those helmets from the EN to the EE comes with augments. One of the best ways to actually provide a lot of versitility to your gear selection. Also the Seal of house of Szind comes with Wiz 9, so that will cover what I lost from the robe. In the end I trade protection, thoughness and wiz for an armor with stacking spell power (with helmet) with greater spell pen, high potency and a blue slot. The greater arcane lore will be the same as on the twilight so a wash.

Plus if I ever unlock the planar set then I might not have to worry about getting the ring anymore since the planar stone comes with 250 SP as suppose to 200 (I’m guessing they won’t stack). And another benefit is that the planat set will provide +15 stacking psionic spell power that together with the +15 relic spell power add another dimension of power to my sorcs nuking ability.

All in all I will cover the helmet, armor, cloak, trinket and hand slots, leaving me the rest for whatever I’d like. And maybe they just make it possible to add the dragon armors to the wiz set bonus through accomendations so I can also get the 10% spell point deduction.

Another benefit of the stormreaver cloak is that it comes with Charisma +8. That with the helmet forms the +11 charisma I’m right now getting from the planar stone and the spidersilk robe. All in all, no net change.

On the other fronts I’m thinking about the Epic Death Locket as a nice swap in. The EE elite adds a nice choice augment slot. Epic field optics – excellent true seeing goggles with several good augment slots. And that Jorgundals Collar for my Fighter? 15% melee alacrity and 30% striding? Sign him up.

As it look right now, Epic GH will keep all my alts busy for a long time. Not only to farm epic relics and accomendations, but also for the items of all different version, raid loot and upgrade possibilities and eventually dragon armor.

So can you solo it? Yes you can; I soloed EN TOR because they have changed it slightly and with some hirelings I managed to take down both dragon and giant – although I did die once. You can, if you can deliver the pain. I found the white dragon the most painful, since my sorc relies on the acid energy burst and when the dragon freeze you solid and the giant keep slapping you down with comets, well you’re not doing much.

Hopefully this kind of item and epic overpass will eventually happen to all content. Why? Because it adds new dimensions to existing features. It add life to heroic and Epic content and augments adds versitility to heroic and epic items. And not in a way that overpower your character, but it’s like have a choice of eating noodles, chicken or beef flavor each day or mixing it up with an assortment of chinese food. Everyone like flavor and everyone likes choices.


One thought on “I might’ve just saved my soul

  1. BlueSilence

    Very nice to know, thank you for sharing.

    The tablecloth is a good alternative for those without a +8 Int/Cha ring and, like you said, leaves stuff open for alternatives.

    Gratz on saving your soul.


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