2 hours gone to Netherese

I decided to do all of update 16 quests on hard. Figured I’d waste 40 points on a level 24 Rogue and then use the Panther and the trusted level 20 FvS (I’d use one of the higher level healers but none of them have Deathwards and they have less SP and suck – so no). And between the quests I’d find and conquer as many rare as possible. ‘Cause you know – it’s a Loot +2 weekend and I’m off for MLK.

Once I’d done 3 of the quest and entered the ruins and talked to the tavern guy I sold 35k worth of garbage and had that and the end quest left including whatever the wilderness would provide. Over 2 hours later I emerged from the wilderness with 2-3 okay items to bank or auction off, no tomes – nothing really – other than 55k in total (20k more after I sold the other stuff) plat of worthless bling.

And even afterwards when I did several Epics I didn’t pull one single worthwile item, nothing named – no seals, shards or scrolls other then more garbage. What no words can describe I had spent the entire day lootin’ and I felt like time had robbed me blind.

The funny thing is that some times I have all the luck in the world. Especially when there’s no loot boost. Tomes here, named there and some really cool ‘WOW’ bling. But not this weekend. The best I found was a Wis +6 ring of Protection +6 and +2 Good Luck. Nothing to mention really. There were some weapons of note but I auction them all out. I have enough sharp and blunt sticks in the bank to gear an army. So the rest is nothing more then beer money right now.

Oh well – the weekend is over and I’m heading into real life and a move with a bitter taste in my mouth. I did have some fun – I’m now a level 24 sorc with 52 Charisma and a wicked acid burst nuke. I can’t wait for Epic GH and all the lootin’ I’ll do but for now I need to dust off the ipad and forget about today.


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