In all my years playing this game (started the minute it went F2P and quickly became VIP) I never finished a complete sigil and did Lithany and Abbott. That’s not true; okay here’s how dumb I am – basically I finished a sigil, turned it in and decided to TR my guys. Yeah – you know. Flagging gone. That was back in the day when I was as dumb as I am today. Since then I haven’t put much effort into pulling the sigil together on any alt or for that matter the shield or the tomes. Basically because all of them required either to run all the quests or run Lithany. So no.

That has changed slightly with Turbine changing so Tomes and shield pieces drops in the wilderness rare chests. Since then I’ve found several sigil pieces (not a complete set) many shield pieces and I’m 2 Tome pages away from a full book. Just today I found Tome page 8 and I’m short 4 and 7. Now there’s a good reason to actually quire them – both shield pieces and Tomes. First I was hot on completing the Tome because they had just changed and updated the items – so with a mark or something you could ‘upgrade them’. But with the shield they had boosted them slightly to make them better.

Now with update 17 and the augment system they have made both the weapons, helmest and shields even better by adding augment slots. Revamping old stuff to be a little more useful. And therefore also appealing to me.

I currently own the green blade on my FvS. I use it at level 22 since I do not have a greater, major or superior light(radiance) item. That’s a bummer since radiance lore is the only thing that you won’t find on a random pull togheter with the spell power. Instead it causes you to use two different items to boost radiance and in the process make your light damage ‘weaker’. Especially since in general terms most people have 2-3 spell elements they boost and in regards to divine you kind of need radiance, impulse (BB) and divine and in some cases combustion. That’s hard to gear properly considering.

You could make an alchemical scepter – but how often do anyone run that raid now a days and it’s not like you can expect 3 runs and be done with it. So right now I use the Lolth thingy that adds impulse and radiance spell power and the green blade for at least greater arcane lore.

Now there are choices; with update 17 there’s suddenly a whole new skiver – one that truly can help you define 1 items spell options for level 14 and beyond. And now when both the shields and the helmets are better I’m sure there will be some that consider them until level 20. Now I never considered doing Skiver before because when it boiled down to it I was covering most of my needs using Cannith crafted stuff and my FvS already had the green blade – so other then (previously) archmagic (which he has) the greater arcane lore would be a wash with his blue scale armor and green blade.

Until now. When you look at the skiver you notice one thing – the augment slot. Red slots allows you to add augments with spell power. All elementals including impulse, divine etc. In other words you can been up the skiver to be ‘better’. While higher spell power means higher ML, it’s one way of ‘growing’ with the skiver until there’s an alternative. So the Skiver becomes an efficient item for that one thing that is hard to slot, such as radiance.

And if you look at all the other Epic GH items there are plenty of other ways to make my divine (and others) stronger.

Like this shield. Why would a divine want that shield? First off it comes with a purple slot. That allows you to either slot blue or red and red includes spell power. So excellent to get that radiance. But if you want to keep that open for something else such as Impulse you can always add divine and radiance using this trinket. I’m sure the EE hard version comes with 120 in both.
I mentioned this the other day. A great way to take care of those neg levels if you don’t have some of the other items out there for it. Plus with additional augment slots it can always make things better.

But the ultimate healers items would be these gauntlets. Leaving a divine many different choices to slot everything – be it update 16 Forgotten light (more choices:) or something else like twilight – no longer will it be entirely impossible to find the right combination of light/healing based stuff and more importantly the augment slots with add to the bottom line.

For my Sorc I will finally be able to slot a striding 30% augment instead of relying on spells for mobility (I use the Epic Rock boots so I don’t have the luxury of striding on items). And for my divine it will be many sources of lore and spell power.

And for my fighter I can always use these bracers. Allowing me to get insightful of either strength or Con for the planar stone and make sure that the armor have the other insightful – make con and strength as strong as possible.

And to add the final touch – a named augment. Ensuring max item strength and Con in 3 items and 1 augment.

And if I want to break the purple knight set bonus (since the planar bonus adds similar to hit damage) the insightful strength version of the helmet would add all the strength needed and the armor would add relic 3% doublestrike, plus relentless fury and armor piercing. All very nice effects for a melee type. And to cap it off – neck slot either for Jorgundals collar or pendant of the stormreaver. And with 2 final upgrades will add Pendant of the Stormreaver – Tier 1 adds an Empty Yellow Augment Slot, Tier 2 upgrades to Sovereign (50) Electrical Resistance.

I think I have a lot of GH cut out for me to last me year or more.


5 thoughts on “Tomes

  1. malinza2

    Nice touch and a good read! Thumbs up 😉 Wish the upgraded weapons were nearly as good as the planned accessories, but guess we can’t have them all in one shot can we?

  2. geoffhanna

    Minos does not get an augment slot. Apparently we all love Minos so much that Turbine didn’t feel a need to change it at all.

  3. MnaSidhe

    Thank heavens for that! I love Minos so much for all my ALTs and less patient guildies that I have quite had enough of farming Taps for a year or two!

    Is there a list of items that get augments?


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