Dragon armor gets an upgrade

Looks like the devs listened to the community and have provided the epic dragon armor with 2 different upgrades. One that first adds +8 enhancement bonus (beef up the AC) and the second that add higher protection and shield AC for white (perfect for dual weapon toons), more armor piercing for black and Major Arcane lore as final upgrade for blue.

In a way I agree with some that says that Major arcane lore is not really the biggest concern. I was personally thinking this would be nice until I realized that all my primary spell benefits from superior lore anyways and that there would be relatively few people that would see a huge boost from this. And that instead of major arcane lore maybe they should add something else like arcane spell augment 9 or something. But it’s an improvement that makes the blue dragon armor better then the base ML 14 one and more then just the greater arcane lore that we see on many things after level 14. It’s time to be a little different.

As it stands now I probably don’t worry much about white. I’ve never considered making a tank before and while I have a low level paladin alt I haven’t done anything with him yet (other then fill his inventory with random sharp and blunt things). I will be eyeing black for a few of my alts. Primarily for the figher and perhaps ranger. It’s a good armor regardless and it adds an additional dimension to their melee prowess. And the blue will be a strong contender for maybe my Sorc (we’ll see) but definately my arti. First and foremost my warforged arti since he doesn’t have a good armor right now so that’ll work out fine but it’s possible that I will extend it to my human as well. It’s nice to have the flexibility of arcane lore. All I need now is the epic double cross bow so I can give it a nice little spell power boost.


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