The return of the Cove

So the Cove is on Lamm, showing up the new level 21+ critters (Half-Orcs) and ‘stuff’.

First off – no new upgrades of existing items, so no ML 24 Maul (Example). The old loot remain the same, not even a change to hats and to trinkets. Instead they’re adding 2 new items – Bottomless bottle of Rum (That can be upgraded like 10 times or something like that) And the Glass Cannon – fire based exploding shot ML 24 Rune Arm. So no lower versions than that.

The bottomless bottle of room works as a healing device. Each upgrade either lowers the cool down or makes it more potent. Max level is 11 that casts a heal on you with a 5 minutes cool down. So it’s not really that useful other then in a pinch; with five minutes don’t expect it to keep you alive in the worst of battles.

The Rune Arm is your basic exploding fireball with -25% fort however it adds two basic effects too your repeater (unlike all others that adds one. Fire and bludgeoning. So not only does the shot itself hit with both fire and bludgeoning (like meteorstorm) but the repeater gets 2-16 bludgeoning and 2-20 fire.

It can also be upgraded twice – first adds 114 in Impulse (which boosts bludgeoning damage) and second adds 120 in Impulse and a yellow augment slot.

While truly an interest item it’s still lowers your fort (so wear one of those fort stacking items) and Fire AOE rune arms happen to be the weakest in the game right now. You only get hit once and the enemy critter can save against the damage. Which they do since adding enough Evocation is extremely hard for Arti’s.

Not bad – and thematically it suits it considered it’s a cannon, but some of the components makes it a little weak. This is of course the premier rune arm to use against undead, but the untyped damage portion (however small) does make at least some of the damage hard to resist.

Keep in mind; there’s no fire boosting added to fire portion, only impulse so try to add something like a Flame cloak, Shadownmail or anything that can boost enough fire in the process. A fully upgraded Flame Cloak together with Shadowmail would adds tons of lore plus spell power. And unsaved you should be able to see up to 1k in crit flame damage with several hundres of untyped. Possibly good.


4 thoughts on “The return of the Cove

  1. Silken-Akira

    thanks for the info. Although I am usually in a mix of emotions about other events I do love the cove gretaly can’t wait till it’s back.

  2. ComicRelief

    Don’t under estimate that bottomless bottle of rum. Yeah, the 5 min. cool-down is only good “in a pinch, but the GMoF “ki-heal” also has a 5 minute cool-down and it saved my bacon several times. So with two heals on 5 minutes cool-downs, and the healing cider you can get with villager commodations (that have a 3minuet cool-down) can make even a normally non-self healing fighter build a lot more self-sufficient.

  3. geoffhanna

    I would think a ML11 heal is totally and completely worthwhile. I want one. For everyone.

    Are they exclusive? Can I have more than one per character?


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