The things that are not always easy

I wanted to flag my sorc for ToD. I had done up until yesterday all of the quests except bastion and the reason why is simple; hirelings don’t want to hit the portals and I don’t have the means to beat them down. So I thought I’d switch one spell to something ‘force’ and I would huff and puff and blow them down. Turns out I was throwing SP hand over first without managing to do much damage to the portals.

So I ran. I ran through the entire first area leaving open portals behind me and was constantly ambushed, but at level 24 these level 19 critters couldn’t really match the nuking capability of a couple of acid energy bursts.

And while the entire run through confusing random corridors with ever increasing and spawning hordes had me run in slowmotion at times due to dungeon alert, it was little they can do as they jumped in and tried to swarm me, and turned into acid vapor in dimly lit corridors.

Compared to that gauntlet the end fight turned out to be anti-climactic. The pitfiend died fairly quickly and the demon even quicker. It’s amazing just how some of these destiny options can do their ‘thang’. Like energy vortex with it’s constant ‘cold’ damage with 300-1000 in damage per tick. Energy burst with 1500 (reflex saved) to 2500 and 5-6k on crit. (same about for breath).

Then  a good 1100-1500 for Savant acid burst. True; pitfiends and such will block some of that acid damage – even from my cold based spells. But demons don’t and that is why she went down very quickly. I didn’t pull anything good; no demon blood, no items or even large mats. But in the end and in less then an hour I got it done and can now ‘enjoy’ ToD.

BTW – I noticed something the other day. Epic Iron Beads (upcoming GH).

I hope there will be similar necklace for all elements. ‘Cause I’d love to consolidate all my acid damage into one single item slot. No need for a scepter and boots. One necklace to rule it all. Heck – I’d even do that for cold based stuff – keep what I have now for acid and do secondary with cold and perhaps be able to use a force based scepter for those ‘other’ spells. That’d be nice.


One thought on “The things that are not always easy

  1. Spencerian

    I have a guildmate that has made a sorcerer that specializes in each element. His toons are amazing. It sounds like you’re getting there; it’s just that there are always foes that will resist your main attack, so having a plan B for all classes in these situations is essential. I soloed “Bastion” with a stealthy Dark Monk (avoiding most of the fights), but it’s “Genesis Point” that cannot be easily soloed without the right hireling and infinite patience to control that hireling remotely. But it can be done: that same guildie with the many elemental sorcs has a barbarian that ransacks “Genesis” that very way. Congrats on getting ToD flagged. It’s always a major accomplishment; the devils do not easily give this up.


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