Healing Rum

There are only two new items in Crystal Cove (as I wrote about yesterday). A rune arm and a potion. The ‘potion’ is a max level 11 healing drink with a long cooldown.

What strikes me however is not that there are only two items (I’m sure that’ll be a reason why CC will not see a tremendous prolonged activity compared to other years). But that the philosophy of BTC is still the predominant theory.

Especially with ANYTHING lower then level 20. I just don’t get it. Would you spend several days grinding for a ML 11 item with a heal every 5 minutes on every single guy because it’s ‘nice’ to have?

To me items like these are situational. Kind of like CC trinkets. The benefit of the trinkets however is that they’re BTA and ML 4 – so sometimes I use them for the first 20 levels and then get something else, or sometimes I use them a little first then swap them out. Like the SP giving trinket – I use it first, buff up and switch to more useful things. Like with my FvS – trinket first, symbole of Lolth after buffs.

Or with my fighter – I use the one that provides shocking blow until I’ll pull a strength based planar trinket or the upcoming GH raid trinket.

And since they’re BTA I only have to make so many and as I level up I use them and then store them away. BTC only means that I’ll fill up my personal bank space/inventory slots with things I use once in a blue moon.

I can understand BTC with a ML 24 rune arm. But ML 11 item? No. Again and time and time again Turbine keep releasing Arbitrary features of frustration. Especially with items like these that require 10 upgrades but is BTC from the getgo.


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