Lam time

I spent most of the day on Lam; first during the bling and XP drop event and then just running around trying to figure out how viable my WF arti will be. Keep in mind I had all the destinies unlocked at that point and Squeak was nice enough to drop a bunch Citw stuff such as the repeater.

First I set out to see if I couldn’t farm to unlock CC rune arm; glass Cannon. I was curious what it would take and how it would work. Someone said that the description didn’t mention a reflex save, which is a killer on any rune arms with reflex save. Most notoriously singe AOE stuff like Animus and this particular rune arm. It’s a little bit different with Toven’s Hammer since it’s 4 small AOEs but the truth is that with the saves being notoriously out of whack in high end content, most stuff will save. So you’ll do half damage a majority of the time and no damage to things like ranged critters since they have evasion.

The grind btw is terrible; mostly because there’s an iron curtain that comes down after 25 – I was constantly hit by 30-50+ in damage and everything will slow you down. I mean almost all attacks will have you run in slow motion. It’s annoying, excessive and lazy. The tactic is basically to agro on the live person, slow it down and massacre. Despite being able to self heal the HP went down so quick that the dumb hirelings with their non quicken heals couldn’t keep my arti alive. More annoying is that Kobolds naturally do not get more HP or survivability so if you’re not around and your hirelings that you put to guard the roost goes derp (and they will) you’ll hear your kobolds die very quickly.

And the funny thing is that I pulled more of the new gems being level 26 then I did running on 30 – being way over level will not increase the gem drop and if you’re dumb enough to blow them up with say energy burst you’ll get maybe 1 gem and most often if you kill several at the same time you get screwed on all the others (reminds you of Mabar right?). But ultimately the new rune arm just isn’t any good. Let me explain it like this; it’s a single hit AOE. You cannot get enough DC breaking ability to ensure at least 80% full hits and will most likely see over 50% saves of all your shots, which is bad since critters only get hit once. So while it adds bludgeoning and fire to the attack neither does a significant amount and almost always get saved. I might make one, but I won’t solo the event of it since I’m not a glutton for punishment.

Arti is not going to have it easy in this upper end content – not unless you have a really good repeater and excellent gear and enhancements for a good rune arm. And you better get them on the draconic destiny with energy burst to add some significant burst DPS. Because rune arm and repeater is a horrible HP grind compared to sorcs and beater classes who can out pace the DPS of a good arti. I’m also starting to detest the old legacy augment system – where some augments are showing up in the twelve for 20 tokens a piece and others show up in GH, creating this dual whacky system where even some 12+ augments show up in twelve with a divide between what augment you’ll see where which is confusing and silly.

The augment system is easy enough – double click on the augment which opens up a barter window – drag your item to the barderbox, decide where to put the augment. But running back and forth, realizing that X augment will be in twelve for a BTA cost of epic tokens and where others will be in GH for unbound relics makes your soul cry.

And worst of all; if you happen to have something augmented right now that you like (say feather falling) but you do have another augment slot open, then you’re going to have to cleanse these ‘old’ legacy augmented items in order to put a new augment in the unused slot. Which means you have to cleanse the item completely, lose the existing augment so the item gets the new type of augment slots (same color but now it can take the ‘new’ augments). Then you realize that most augments below 12 are in twelve and require tokens. And where you can buy a ML 12 augment for a small amount of relics that drop in the wilderness rare chests, you’re now forced to replace your lost feather falling with a 20 epic token one which costs a significant amount more of rare mats compared to any of the new.

As you can see I find that pretty silly. Rip the bandaid off – make it possible to use tokens for something, but make all augments belong to the new system. I rather get the pain over and done with in regards to tokens not being useful anymore then having a confusing dual system with a really absurd cost to penalty for a lower level augment with significant better value for temporary augmentation to some lower ML items. Think about it; lets say you make this Cannith item. You want Strength 7 and exceptional strength 1 on it. So you buy the ML 24 augments using relics for strength +7 and then you buy the lower ML +1 exceptional using tokens. One require you to go to twelve and the other require you to go to GH. Oh, and of course – the requirement for raid tokens still remain. You could compare it to say the need for heroic accomendations like you need for the ML 24 augments. But then keep in mind that everything else require this one new ‘material’ like unlocking purple knight favor stuff, unlocking ctiwn gear and planar set. And unlocking Epic GH raid items. But for a scant few augments you need raid tokens.

I have a headache just thinking about it.


2 thoughts on “Lam time

  1. patang01

    Because if Turbine first didn’t make something great and common sense without also adding something mind boggling and idiotic (Bound on Equip named items vs. BTC challenge mats and BTC random named crap loot from said challenges) it wouldn’t be Turbine.

    Makes me think they have like one Devs whos entire job is to be the Gringe that stole the module.


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