Plans, must change

This is so me; I wanted to go ice burst fishing the whole weekend and instead logged into Lam for the goodies give away and spent 3 hours running in circles picking up stuff, then more time porting over my WF Arti, TRing him and leveling him up (The Guide is great, long live the Guide) and then wasting oodles of time grinding CC for mats so I could make the Glass Cannon. Here’s another dumb thing I did. First I flag for TOR on my Arti, THEN I TR and level up for free just to realize that I have to re-flag for TOR – yeah – that stupid. Anyway – I realize that the glass cannon is not a good rune arm but at least I won’t kill myself live figuring that out.

All in all I spent Saturday wasting good time realizing that acid is still my favorite element for my Arti. Although I’m sure I’ll experiment with the cold based rune arm out of TOR just to see how viable or niche that one is (I’m thinking niche and won’t replace force as secondary element).

Then Sunday I started out doing the FR side ice games (didn’t pull that last 48 recipe but the world is young and I don’t have anything good to put it on anyways) and did a few jumps in the Harbor just to go to the AH and check out the price for the ice burst recipe. 100k at least for the scroll. So I got lazy and bought 93 coins and pulled 1 single ice burst recipe out of all of them (it would’ve been cheaper to just buy the scroll).

So I kind of grew tired of it. But not until I ice burst my WF arti’s best repeater. With brilliance, caustic and flame blast on it, that ice burst sure added some more DPS. I currently only have random stuff on it. I should make myself a GS repeater just to have something better but after playing all day (unlocking the flagging quests – I got as far as to the demon web quests) I did a bank and mule check and found a banked named repeater out of the Drow city quests. Slavers handcrossbow or something. It’s alright – and it adds something to his over all arsenal. And suddenly the whole weekend was gone – I had an unproductive Saturday and a fun productive Sunday.

It’s nice to switch it up a lil’. While I love my sorc, it’s fun to play a self sufficient arti. It’s still a fact that Arti’s struggle dps wise in Epic quests. And since you can do all kinds of traps and unlock doors and chests you’re flexible enough to get the most of out all the quests without the use of gold hirelings. I wish my human arti didn’t fail when I tried to transfer him to Lam, because I’d love to find out if Toven’s Hammer is at all useful in Epic GH. Especially in a places like Cabal.

Considering that Acid rune arms shoot a pretty wide full spread, most of the bolts will simply get wasted hitting walls. Unlike Toven’s Hammer 4 electric AOE spheres that have a chance to hit pretty much everything in a narrow field straight forward. True, no one should bother specializing in one rune arm just for one single quest – but it’ll be useful in things like Famine and other quests as well.

Only negative is the reflex save. My experience (on the FR side at least) is the reflex saves negates a lot of the advantage and I’m afraid that higher end content such GH will make matters worse. But the Epic Elite Iron beads – a necklace with 120 in electric spell power and with superior lightning lore at least offer the temptation to give Toven’s another try. It’s hard to argue against one single item that will take care of all the rune arm boost you’ll ever need.

And that would allow me to slot 114 impulse spell power onto a epic named repeater (I’d love to get my hands on Epic double crossbow) to boost so that my secondary force based rune arm have what it needs. And with Epic blue dragon armor I’d have Major arcane lore as the proper crit boost for most of the spells and force rune arm crit.

I would keep my WF as an Acid/Force based and my Human as an Electric/Force based Arti. And by unlocked max Evocation based DC breaking my hope is to minimize reflex saves at least when doing EN and EH. I don’t think Arti’s can viably break EE reflex saves.


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