Draconic my fellow Arti, trust me

The biggest mistake I ever did when starting my first Arti destiny was to pick the Wiz one. It just is. Keep in mind I came off the feeling of POOWWAAAA that is heroic Artification. That’s when you’re at the prime of your Arti life and you have THAT one rune arm together with a great repeater. You’re it; you sailed through heroic and now you’re a Repeatin’, rune armin’ tactical detonatin’ mother…

Anyways – Arti level 1 through 20 is quite different than Arti level 21-25.

Fighters have an assortment of brutal cleaving and nice amount of crit damage. I love my fighter – torn eternally between Legendary or the barbarian destiny. Something about hitting someone with 1200 in crit or keep on critting reliably around 600.

My Sorc delivers brutal DPS; be it bursts or spells.

My FvS is kind of meh right now.

My Monk is enjoying his legendary destiny after unlocking the Monk destiny.

In short; my Arti’s are stuck with a destiny that boosts some of its least ability. Now that was not always true; back in the days when Menace was in Beta I started out unlocking Draconic on my Arti. And back then the draconic elemental boosts also boosted your rune arm until it was changed to spell only (which I find silly since so many other features such as the ranger one also procs on spells). That was back when you could boost your rune damage with 30 percent. And boy did I boost my acid one – heck even my Toven’s Hammer. I was running through underdark and still hit aroun 500-600 with a reflex saved Toven’s due to the regular 100-1200 crit damage. Those were the good days.

Then that changed and rune arms was once more back to pre epic glory. Here’s the thing; with the reflex saves as indicated rune arms are now relegated to single critter destruction. Which sounds fine; being able to hit one critter with 5 acid shots doing everything from a few hundreds to 1000 in damage sounds cool – except for the fact that you have to do it all over with the next critter. Compare to dps nuking which brings the same destructive power to many targets at the same time. So while your Arti slams ONE critter, the sorc just tactically nuked the entire mob from orbit.

You’d have something if Toven’s Hammer worked good in upper end content but it doesn’t. Or that the new Glass Cannon had a nice lil’ AOE going on. But it doesn’t. And that’s why Arti’s should always pick draconic first and steadily work to unlock energy burst. That allows your Arti to perform a nice little burst for several thousand HP in damage now and then in addition to rune arm and repeater and once more stay somewhat viable. Plus if you twist enough destiny you’ll be able to use it as a tier 4 twist. So if you end up with the ranger destiny in the end you can still unlock and use energy burst.

Ultimately I hope that Turbine creates a Arti specific destiny that boosts rune arms DC and damage out put, to make rune arms with AOEs viable again. So you can take Animus, Toven’s Hammer, Glass Cannon or anything else with an area effect and break enough DC to count. And to deliver a mini nuke – not as powerful as the spell equal but something that has a kick to it. I’d love to just get Animus instead and deliver the equivalent of a small energy burst. Maybe be able to add additional damage to existing rune arms. Where Animus deliver fire you can boost and also add force damage. So that run arms deliver a more potent effect that make Arti’s viable in the end game. Or similar to dragon breath – as you fire your Animus or Glass Cannon it also deliver a small chance to knock down, paralyze or some other useful effect.

Again – I don’t need my Arti to become the next Legendary fighter, or Draconic sorc – I just want him to be a little bit more useful. As it us I’m running in slowmo’ everywhere due to his charged rune arm and since I’m forced to use the force or acid one I’m single killing myself through a landscape dotted with mobs. It get’s tiring.


2 thoughts on “Draconic my fellow Arti, trust me

  1. Samiusbot

    I like the draconic line also but i am not 100% that is the be all end all destiny for my arty. Thinking about twisting in the blast while i work my way over to the Shrioti.

  2. patang01

    You’re right, it’s not the be all end all destiny, but it should be the first you unlock for an arti so you can use energy burst through your first destiny then work to unlock the tier 4 twist for later use. It’s after all a hike to get to the ranger destiny and by then you should be able to unlock a tier 4 twist.

    I kind of like the anti-magic proc with the wiz destiny, but you can’t twist it and it’s situational (against casters only).


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