Destification – don’t kill the messenger

Like it or not like it, I’m a sucker for constructive arguments and I’m sometimes all to happy about slapping anyone with sarcasm if someone wants to go Monty Python on me (see also the sketch about buying an argument).

So on the forum a person made a suggestion to how to improve the mindless destiny grind. And as usual it turns into ‘I’m claiming that this is what you’re saying’ and ‘No I ain’t, flock off’. Which is natural when ego gets bruised and people mistake what they emotionally feel for as also adding to an argument. It’s not like a suggestion is some kind of blueprint that something is going to happen. I mean how long did the discussion about GS deconstruct take place and people saying ‘nothing will ever be done’ and others ‘it ain’t fair ’cause it will devalue my hard work of beating the same horse a bazillion time’ until we got yellow dopant.

World moves, life goes on.

The argument here – right or wrong – was that it feels like a double chore to level in a destiny that has very little value for your over all class. Sure, there are some nuggests, but that’s like taking a dip in a dirty pond because you feel like washing (not a perfect analogy and I’m sure there are better ones but I felt like winging it). What makes it worse however is that you HAVE to start in one circle and if another desired destiny is on the very end of the fate galaxy you have to grind through a lot of other stuff to get there. Then add a fate system where desired twists require you to plow through awful destinies (for your class) in order to get enough.

Some compared that to TRing; also a grind – the argument was that the OP wanted (analogy) to TR in one class but benefit in another. That’s wonky – because a destiny is more like the heroic enhancement system but for epic levels. It’s a benefit for a class – and some destinies work in other classes as well. Others plainly don’t.

To me a better analogy in that place would be that in order for you to get past life feats you also have to use say a sorc PrE on a Fighter class. Sure – strictly on the raw end you could still level till 20. You wouldn’t get any benefits from the PrE (maybe some) but for most part it would make things worse or at least worse then running with the PrE meant for your class.

Regardless what analogy works best I’m still a sucker for IMPROVEMENTS. When hands are put on hearts most people even among those who see somethings like more easy buttons feel that the current destiny system is a mess. That the grind isn’t just like TR require more XP. It’s as if you’re forced to spend more XP to get there and then there’s a guy around the corner about to slap you with a cod (not cod piece and yes – it’s another Monty Python referense).

And if something is not ‘good’ then I have to wonder why people don’t offer suggestions as to improve on the OPs point and not just drive into a ditch with semantics, obtuse remarks and straw man arguments. I guess it’s human nature.

What would be a better system? I don’t know. Mine would be something like

  • You can start in any destiny you like. It’s about your fate/plot in the universe and not what the universe thinks you are
  • It requires 3 tiers in a destiny to move sides to the next, 4 to move to a circle and 1 shears of fate (or whatever it’s called) plus a fully unlocked destiny to move to ANY other destiny. Said store item should also be made possible in the game through some turn ins. Like 1 heroic accomendation plus X choice of other grinded item. Kind of like True Druidic heart of wood.
  • Fate points are earned separate from destiny (in addition). It can be part of just a XP pool based on whatever you run (regardless if that’s at cap or capped destiny). Some suggest if it’s in capped destiny then it’s at an penalty or if it’s in a destiny you’re still unlocking then it’s at full XP. My suggestion is neither. Tie it to a fair amount of favor. That way people have to strive to play lots of quests and try to do them on Elite. Grind. But put it at a fair amount and exclude challenges completely. The star requirements are so wonky and low levelling challenges on high level toons sounds wrong. I say fair because some quests can’t be completed unless you’re in a group and some are raids so that would mean favor for things that no one runs. So that would be 1 pool of fate points.
  • Then you get 1 fate point (or arbitrary determined) for unlocked a complete destiny. Not partial. Complete. And then more if you unlock a whole circle.
  • The idea here is that on it’s own and say 3-4 destinies you should be able to upgrade twists to 4/2/1 (or whatever is reasonable). And if you want to unlock it all – because unlike me you’re a better player and more hardcore, you can twist 4/3/2. So a significant advantage for those who ‘got to unlock them all’. And less grind and still an incentive for those who prefer to do their thing in their pace.

Anyways, that was my thought. I wholeheartedly believe that there should be some effort made to gain something. I just feel like so many about a diverse amount of subjects that there are better suggestions out there for things that doesn’t mean everything is free and easy at the click of a button or the reverse that everything require the sacrifice of your born offsprings plus a scope of your flesh.


One thought on “Destification – don’t kill the messenger

  1. xenobias

    I have some self imposed goals I want to reach before I TR my monk toon.

    One is to get 60 completions of Shroud. Yes i went way over on the shroud grind but I will have 4 neat eq pieces for my mid level next life. 3 more trips will do it.

    These pieces, of course, are outclassed once you hit 20 by the new gear now available and the soon will be gear from E-gianthold.

    Epic destinies are fun but for me this toon was-is-and will always be a monk. Even if I try the completionist grind-once that’s done the toon will be a monk.

    I have chosen 3 epic peices for my twists. 2 of which are active. I need 1 more fate pt to get my 3rd twist active.

    What I am using for my twists are in the first 4 destinies and all three are available with my main destiny maxed and a single level on each of the four.

    My final twist needs as far as I can see 1 more full level on any of the non-maxxed destinies.

    I see no reason to max all destinies. There isn’t a prize for destiny completion and since only 1 can be active at a time it makes no sense.

    Besides-for my monk, outside of her flowers dest, there really isn’t much that’ll work for her and for my play style.


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