Grindin’ real life and in DDO

Lets get DDO out of the way; last night I did what most people do – I found the easy rout to get as much Epic XP in as short period of time and window farmed Impossible Demands while running my wife’s toon on the laptop (to hold the session open while dropping out on my Arti). It took a little longer then say a full group (given that I also had to maneouver the laptop) but it worked and it sure took less time than me doing the quest, recall get the end reward and then run back to the quest.

The result was capping one tier and tons of XP (I think I got 5-6 runs in). Not very hard; kind of boring but human nature dictates that if you’re faced with something mindless you’ll find the easiest way of doing it. Stuff like that never stimulates anyone to find innovative ways of solving the issue. Especially when the conditions of why you do something is boxed into the nature of what you’re doing. Basically; compare it to TRing. I bet most people would have more fun if you could do all content on hard once and still manage to get to 20. Instead we find the type of quests with good XP per minute and window farm them to death. It’s for nothing that Turbine added diminishing returns for doing the same quests over and over.

I mention this because I’ve been posting in two different forums (DDO and a political) and run into the situation where improvements meets absolute notions. That the conditions we have, be it game or RL politics cannot be improved no matter what the argument is. Because the conditions require sacrifice and sacrifice is real. And anything that improves and mitigate the sacrifice runs into some sacred ‘it must be grind’ or in politics ‘absolutes cannot be touched no matter if we in theory agree that there’s a problem.

So what do we do? We succumb to the nature of the condition. We do what we do because we imagine that if we do them we’ll enjoy something more later on. The cake is a lie. The smelly cheese in the end of the labyrinth is a mirage. Personally I believe that if we can enjoy the time it takes to reach that future goal we can at least remember the journey there with fondness even if reaching the goal doesn’t really satisfy us. Because I hate to think the alternative – that if we suffer the journey and still feel the same about the end that it was somehow worth it. Maybe the pain is what make some hardcore. And if that’s true I’m not hardcore. I guess that makes me the guy who smile when I kick ass, while others do it all dour faced.


2 thoughts on “Grindin’ real life and in DDO

  1. Samiusbot

    Unless you also are farming xp for the wife, you could just have her take the quest and then stay in your group but not run the quest then you wouldn’t need to do the window farm thing.

    But that really only works for me when the wife feels like running another quest then what i want to run. Then i am holding for her and her for me.

  2. patang01

    My wife felt like yelling at the kids and watching TV so even a mundane thing like telling her to ‘step outside please and now in again’ felt like I would invite needless aggro. So I dealt with the time loss and still gained some.


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