Odds and ends and some loot rants

I skipped yesterdays lam event since I was late and didn’t want to be the last that arrived and ask about stuff that Squeak dropped hours ago. People tend to get a little frazzled at these events and some even get downright b—y. But I overslept and missed the first couple of hours this morning so it was about 30 minutes left by the time I got there. Squeak kept dropping raid loot every now and then after we fought whatever she dropped among us. No big deal – I was on my Arti so there isn’t much there for him. Most of the stuff is in the quests and TOR. But I did snag a pair of Halcyon Boots. What changed from the first time I did the raid is that instead of 2 temp SP on every hit, it’s now 5% chance to prog 15 temp SP.

And as far as I see people argue, this is just not good. I do understand that the dev do not want to make even more powerful loot, but they let that cat out of the bag a long time ago. So making stuff that is ‘worse’ then what people already use (torc and con op) is a waste of time. They want people to run these raids; not just for heroic accomendations. Don’t get me wrong; the raid is fun, but fun wears thin without incentive. And the devs kind of have to have the foresight to ensure that there’s something there for all type of diverse classes and even if it is just slightly better then what’s out, that slightly better is what makes people do things. I’m not going to grind for these boots. The heroic once were something that melee desired for their rage effect – these ones are now so niche that it only suits specific builds that would benefit from a small pool of SP but that are not SP intense. Like a Paladin. They’re right there in the thick of things and gets smacked. Most arcanes don’t like the whole ‘get hit thing’. Unless they’re kinky that way.

I also saw the EE ring of the djin on the AH. 50 lightning resist, 33% lightning absorb and something else (I know, terrible for me to not remember all it had). Not bad. No augment slot but over all a pretty okay ring. Might be something you put in your inventory and put on when you’re doing stuff that require that type of resist.

Intricate Field optics look like a nice pair of goggles. This is the EN version, EE probably have 20 spot and different colored augments. Gloves of forgotten craft are good for rogues and Arti’s alike. I currently have my eyes on EE u16 gloves but these are not bad. Plus the augment slots do make more sense then some of the stuff on the other gloves. Like demonic might (+2 stacking strength). Having dex and good disable on one thing is nice. I’m not going to farm for this rune arm. It’s not that it’s bad, but we all know about interesting and we all know about the mechanics of the game. I can’t see anyone that would trade good ranged rune arms against short ranged cones. That’s why you have dragon breath for or energy burst (or even tactical detonation). I tried it out on Lam and the range increases (to a longer cone, but more like cone of cold) with charge but most Arti’s I guess fire their rune arm based on situation. Like full charge in ideal situation and lesser charge when a critter have less hit points. And many time you run with it charged (with 3 charge levels) and fire that first – it’s simply not a good solution. Compared to toven’s hammer. Both will suffer reflex save (it’s a cone after all) so why not go with the rune arm that have some range to it? Which is why glass cannon is a poor choice (at least fire blast as suppose to some other arrangement.

Ideally I’d love if Glass Cannon was more like Toven’s hammer. That is it fires up to 4 smaller explosive balls with a smaller AOE but with bludgeon and fire. That would make it more like a useful epic rune arm. Because when you add reflex save to a rune arm then many of those shots will be half or no damage so the benefit is that at least 1 now and then will hit good. So how could they fix this one? Make the cone longer. I know; cone is cone right – but unless it also feels useful in many situations no one will use it. That’s just how it is. Or maybe add a paralyzing effect (like daze, stun whatever) to it. Like you’re hit with electric loop. That would add a clear useful niche. Which is what this weapon could be, but doesn’t really fit.

I’m definately getting this quiver for my ranger and Arti and any extra I pull to my fighter. Adding additional DPS to ammo is king. And I wouldn’t argue against that at all. I wish it had a slightly better capacity tho. It doesn’t need much improvement just better capacity. No need to be stingy on this high level stuff – it’s not like 1500-2000 for 5 different types of ammo is over powering. Then there’s this trinket for my FvS. The EE have 120 in both. True, there’s the Lolth trinket but that doesn’t go up as high as 120. And hopefully by adding a fully upgraded twilight I can ensure that impulse, radiance and devotion is covered. Still thinking about how to max out at least radiance lore which means a shield, but whatever.

This belt can be good on my Monk, but you get reinforced fist on a few different items now and I kind of like the Cannith challenge belt. It adds double strike and +5 to stunning. And these are just a few of the many items you’ll find in Epic GH. Most of them with augment slots.

As for the day I ran some odds and end quests and jumped on a normal citw and I think we all got skunked. And that’s my general experience with the quest. Tons of chests, but most of it is garbage. And the length of the raid doesn’t make the feeling better. I’ve been skunked plenty of times; shroud runs when you don’t pull that one last shard (ironically that’s next) or reavers where the entire team got skunked on anything. But reavers is short. Citw is long. So you added time with skunkness and it feels like work. After that I ran the shroud (I told you) for that last shard. Which I didn’t get. When I checked I had 2 regular and 4 supreme on my Arti and all I needed was a greater (so Turbine add a recipe already that breaks a supreme into 2 greater using a yellow dopant). Not fun, but whatever. So then I saw a Elite shroud up and I thought – okay – and bought a raid timer on the AH and did that one. And pulled a greater. So 30 minutes later after rearranging our guild ship a lil’ I had my triple pos GS heavy repeater. Perfect for about everything. My next goal is a triple earth. Acid is very effective in upper end quests and the grab effect actually procs. Cheap DPS and good to have when TRing.


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