Chuck Norris vs Giant Hold

I have this thing I do; it developed it because of several reasons. See, I discovered trippin’. It’s nice and it works even in Epic. Especially if you have all the possible boosts needed. Like the spare hands challenge belt, one of those seals (rings) out of the Drow city – this one with vertigo. And of course enough on your improved trip skill to drop even the most firmly rooted critters. But it sometimes demand adjustment to how you deliver it. First – critters move. Especially casters and ranged. Usually as you close in on them. Casters like to do that. So this might lead to you missing the trip. Especially since you kind of slow down or stop as you do the trip motion. So just as you get there and trip – they move ever so slightly and you wasted what can be a crucial trip (like against oranged drow priestesses that will then start spamming all kind of nasty things). Second – big things can smack you back. Either with stomps (you’ll see that often in gianthold since, well it’s full of tall stuff). So as you get close to them and start delivering the trip (slow down) they knock you back and you miss the trip. And third – smallest things – be it a little ledge, step, rock etc will cause you to do a ‘step’ motion instead of whatever you were doing. This is especially bad when you cast. But it also causes you to waste your trip.

All this put together can make you waste a trip when it’s most needed. So I developed this thing where I jump and trip. It does require some coordination and timing. But if you do it you don’t get the slow down which can sometimes cause you to miss as the critter start moving away. And they can’t knock you back or down. Plus you avoid ‘stepping’ up on ledges, small little things and whatnot.

The end result is what looks like a round kick (since you’re in the air in about face height and you’re doing a 360 sweep with your foot). Thus Chuck Norris. I did all of that on my Fighter on Lam. First checking through the AH for rare items (Squeak was nice enough to create a script that fills it with all kind of named goodies). I ended up with Giantcraft Siberys Compass, Dream Visor, Jorgundal’s Collar, Jeweled Cloak, Ring of Shadows, Spiked Boots and Great Axe of the Chained Soldier.

And I also augmented said items with draconic soul (30 resist to fire, acid, lightning and cold), the named augment with +1 to all stats, +2 luck, Protection +7, Natural Armor +7, Physical Resistance +14 and Feather Fallin. All of that with the full Purple Knight Set (and not the upgraded armor since I’d lose the set bonus due to the fact I haven’t managed to unlock enough favor). On the axe (my new favorite) I added 1d10 Acid and 1d10 Lightning damage. While I wish I also had a fully unlocked Black Dragon armor together with the right helmet, I still did just fine. I am curious as to how nice that would be, but time enough will tell. It has a significant cost to it and I have lots of Alts I’d like to try it on. I added it to my Arti (and his pet) ’cause I had something like 7k heroic accomendations on him, but I’m more interested to see how useful (marginally or not) it is on my fighter.

And I do realize when I first took my Arti on a trek through Lam and then my fighter that both of them still use some subpar gear and therefore will benefit greatly from the stuff in GH. That’s not entirely true with all my Alts but at least half of them. So lots of running and certainly a great value over all for me.

Finally, all the helmets drop in appropriate +8 or insightful +3. Like Wis, Int and Char for blue and things like Con, Dex and Str for black etc. Just enough good combinations to ensure that players that find it hard to trade their FR named items because of those nice stats also find a way to do so with these dragon armor.

Note that not all of the items above are linked (Doh!). They’re all from here so if you don’t find it directly linked they’re among these pages. I’d look towards the last few pages for some of the things like Jorgundal’s Collar (hint among others +15% melee alacrity and 30% striding). But it will also shows the rings and such. As you might notice there’s plenty of green (blue or yellow), colorless and yellow augment slots. So that’s how I managed to slot so many interesting augments. And if you check the great axe out it comes with a red and orange slot as well as immunity against fear and the best bleed effect in the game. So that’s how I could slot electric and acid damage which makes it very nice. It’s not your average Esos, but it’s right up there with Epic Antique Greataxe and is slightly more diverse in how you augment it.


2 thoughts on “Chuck Norris vs Giant Hold

  1. LrdSlvrhnd

    Yeah, I’ve always been a fan of the Jump-and-Trip on my barb… it’s even better when Manslayer procs. If you do it right, it looks like you broke the other guy’s neck.

    My personal favorite was out in GH… I was in a PUG with an AA. I run in and trip the hobbie caster and put the beatdown on him and his hobbie friends while the ranger took the giant out of the picture. Once I was done, I turned to look for the giant, and ran over to him. Except there was a boulder in the way. So I leaped onto the boulder and then leaped again, and swept my foot through the air… and that was the killing blow. I felt very Jackie Chan with that – all I needed was a wall to bounce off first.


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