HA and the AH

I sometimes laugh at the AH prices. And it has become even more laughable with the new BTCoE named items. Especially when you keep in mind that u16 end rewards are BTCoE (good btw) and very easy to get. Yet when I was looking for the nether gloves (I got skunked on the end reward list since it spawned 2 and 3 of the same named items in several places) – EN was just enough since my Arti don’t really need the EE version. I’ll start working on EGH items instead when u17 drops because I kind of like to be able to diversify my choices through augmentation. But alas, the least expensive was something like 500k and someone even put a EN up for 900k. That’s an item I can pull in less then an item running everything on causal. Checking for shadownmail I saw a EE corrosion version for 1 mill something and that’s entirely plausible. But I really want the impulse version for my Arti. It’s either that or Blue Dragon. Before EGH my idea was always to do EE shadowmail with impulse combined with EE version of corruption of nature. That would cover all my acid, BB and lucid dreams need. But with EGH I’m thinking impulse and electric for my human Arti and acid and impulse for my WF.

It’s a tough choice. Shadowmail is pretty good. Especially since it leaves you with more choices. It’s possible that I still go with that set if there’s a nice one on the AH because it’s the best solution given how you can slot things. My force based rune arm is the secondary anyways and with EE iron beads I will have 120 spell power and 12% lore in electric. Toven Hammer time. That would leave the red augment on a repeater open for strict DPS – such as adding 1d10 of something rather than spell power.

It gets trickier with my WF. I’d love the acid rune arm out of GH because of the augment slots, but EE version of corruption is still the best option. I do want to do a flawless black dragon for him for the additional armor piercing and damage. But how do I boost impulse? I like these kind of gear puzzles. Arti’s are especially hard considering the less ideal ways of slot things. Shadowmail helped out but that’s only for none WF races. And I like corruption of nature since it adds spells power right there. But so far there are no impulse items outside trinkets, shadowmail and hand helds that I know of, which makes it harder for Arti’s.

I could naturally slot 114 spell power in a red augment slot. But that would be one repeater and there are few named repeaters with augment slots. We have the epic double crossbow and silver slinger. I would never bother with the Epic Chrono. Slavers is okay but it doesn’t come with an augment slot and you have the citw one that’ll take a murderous long time to upgrade. And that’s even true with double and silver since the seal, shard and scroll drops are completely FUBAR.

The nice thing of course with lucid dreams is that you can craft to it a greater force lore shard. That would cover some crit and spell power boost into the same rune arm. Not so with Archaic Device that adds potency 60 only.

Personally I wish they let the EE version of the GH rune arms have a orange slot. It would make sense since most other upper end rune arms have potency or direct spell power on them. But not so with the TOR ones. It’s not like boosting rune arm makes them over powered. All AOE based ones are skunked because of reflex saves and all the others have quirky firing mechanisms that will waste a lot of shots (either hitting walls or the best one – circling around the critter like a buzzing hive of death – but never hitting).


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