Ratin’ Raids

Citw is like an outhouse with 7 seats. Plenty of room and opportunity but it still stinks like one. Which makes me think about all the raids and the ones I like.

A Vision of Destruction
I like it; the romp there can be a challenge (through Subt) especially if you have one of those derp groups that can’t wait for everyone to get together first but start running ahead. This is a 6 out of 10 – now it has become trivial due to all the epic levels but in its day it was the raid to run. Hard as nails, plenty of ambushes and a strain on peoples resources.

Ascension Chamber
Never done it and probably won’t until they make it Epic (if the loot appeals to me). Once the place for must have arcane gear but not anymore. It has everything I don’t like (tho I haven’t done it) – like puzzles and such – but I might be wrong. Maybe I should youtube it and see if anyone recorded it but by the sound of it I wouldn’t like it.

Caught in the Web
This raid is the trifecta of all things bad. Long. Many tedious ambushes, long first fight with beating stuff down, beating her down, beating her legs down and beating her down again. Meanwhile her ‘dead’ legs turns into soul bugs. Huge ones. Then you run. Fight ambushes. Figth red named casters that steel souls and comes back alive. And then you do that same one over and over. Until you get to the end. Now you really stepped in it. More fighting, more killing and fighting her and then kill two portal keepers at the same time to lower a shield. Then you profit. So long, tedious escorting and all the loot in the end and almost all of it is the worst vendor trash you could possibly pull. 4-10.

Hound of Xoriat
Used to be a tough one – high DR so first you had to get her own spawns to hurt her before you could. Required tactics, coordination, people who knew their stuff and when stuff hit the fan it was all but over. Now it’s trivial due to the fact that so much can hit harder then her DR. It can be over in minutes. Elite, minute, profit and done. Although you add some time for the trek there through subt. 7-10

Plane of Night

I’ve done it very few times – takes coordination and tactics before you can hurt the dragon. Not my cup of tea. Some have the whole thing down perfectly but I just can’t wrap my head around it. So 5-10. I’m actually pretty indifferent about it.

Tempest Spine
Not a hard raid. The only raid that will get updated loot. Plenty of chests along the way, some tactics but mostly knowing where to go. End fight can be quite entertainment when people go floatin’ off the mountaintop. Fun. 7-10

The Chronosphere
It used to be it; a hard raid that got easier with u14 and now is kind of trivial due to Epic levels. But it’s fun. 3 parts, 3 boss encounters all lots of things to hit and do in between. It used to be a very resource intense quests but now I doubt most players don’t waste much resources on it now. 8-10

The Fall of Truth

Lets not spoil it, but it’s my favorite. Pure adrenaline fun. I wish it had better lot but at least in fairly short – depends on group and coordination of course. Well worth the try. As it stands – 9-10.

The Lord of Blades
It would be a better raid if it wasn’t for the two wilderness romps. It just feels like you’re wasting so much time. It’s a fairly simple quests with certain tactics but nothing that will keep you awake at night. 7-10

The Master Artificier
Relatively short with the same long trek like LoB. If it wasn’t for the wilderness runs it would be a better quest. But it’s simple enough with a few things thrown in to make it a little longer. 6-10.

The Reaver’s Fate
It’s simple enough, pikers kill air ellies, you fly up and down and tank keeps him busy while lightning balls turn on skulls. It’s really corny. I don’t mind the quest – it’s not that hard eventhough I’m not much for puzzles. But the whole thing seems so silly – like a game show with an equally silly end puzzle. I just can’t endorse it while it’s easy enough to do. 3-10.

The Shroud
I like it. Very much. It’s a raid that provide you with the best loot in the whole game. Not because it’s better then everything, but because it’s excellent TR loot, you might even use it during Epic levels and you can mold stuff into almost anything you like that feat the circumstance. Good stuff. Now the parts are corny. Beat portals (ugh), kill all bosses at the same time (coordination not always 12 random peoples strong suit), silly puzzle, beat the boss once, then kill those mini bosses and kill the final boss twice. All in all it used to be a real challenge, not so much anymore but it can be royally fun. Plus I love loot in every segment with almost a guarantee for mats that will take you partway against your goal. Few other systems (other then LoB) does that. 8-10.

The Titan Awakes
Never done it so I don’t know anything about it other then that there’s a titan, there are lazors and coordination and stuff. Plus it’s in a volcano in the worst wilderness ever designed and a couple of boring quests. Some like it, I just find most of it a long run, long runs inside quests and then maybe profit. Can’t beat the Royal Guard mask for loot, but it’s still a pretty boring quest.

The Twilight Forge
This is the pre-raid for the Titan Awakes. Again – I have not played it so I can’t rate it.

The Vault of Night
The pre-raid to Plane of Night. I’m not fond of it. Lots of running, puzzles, levers to pull, shields to go down, doors to coordinate to get down etc. Some like that stuff, I don’t. 4-10.

Tower of Despair
For the longest time, this was it. More it then the shroud and still it even when The Chronosphere came out. Tough end boss fight. Now epic levels have made it trivial. It’s home of a diverse amount of rings. And some of those rings are not very good. But you can customize them, which is good. Hopefully those rings will get an overpass when they release all prestige classes. I mean what’s the point with a bunch of rings that are boosted by prestiges when not all of them are created and the ones that are is a lil’ weak. 7-10.

Zawabi’s Revenge
It used to be tough but it ain’t long. It comes with the price of a flagging quest that you can do on causual but it’s a boring trek there and require some basic puzzle knowledge (more like where to beat down first etc). Very stingy on loot (kind of like VON6) but can be completed in less then 10. 7-10.

So there you go. How I feel about this games raids. Maybe I should play those 2 I haven’t but I just don’t itch for that type of quests. And I just feel like an old dog that just can’t be taught to roll over.


5 thoughts on “Ratin’ Raids

  1. BlueSilence

    OMG! Someone *else* thinks CiTW sucks!! I’m no longer forever alone and can say it w/o fear of being rejected!

    CiTW Sucks!!

    I do like A. Ascencion, I like the puzzles but sadly, not everyone is up for it, I guess people feel like me when I don’t want to run HoX/VoD because of poorly organization, specially in the Subt.

    So far my favorite is still The Shroud, I don’t get tired of it yet and I can always use ingredients.

    I’m looking forward to the Fall of Truth >.<!

  2. Micki

    🙂 My favs are CitW, ADQ, Shroud and ToD. I dislike Abbot and Titan, I’ve only done Tempest 2 times. I’m bored with Chrono. HoX and VoD are so damn pita because ppl always die and get lost in Sub. VON I pike. 🙂 Got friends who knows it well, so we run it in 20 min. LoB and MA are also pita with the wilderness.

  3. patang01

    Rating something using only one number is not easy. Because there are so many things that goes into what is good or bad about a raid. Maybe it deserves 3 different stats to make sense. Like I can fully dislike something about a raid but still do it. Like Hound. So while the ratings look wonky compared to what I think about them, it’s a compound of several different features.

  4. Finch_Bloomwhiffler

    I’m with @geoffhanna – interesting to see what other players think about the raids and makes me want to do a rating of my own.


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