Ranger Danger

My Ranger was if I remember it correctly my second char that I did. Maybe third. Anyways – he was built over one years span to be very self-sufficient. I think I wrote a couple of posts about it back in the day. Like 2 con op and torc self sufficient. He has since then moved onto a con op helmet and sometimes torc.

The pity about being a ranger, with citw loot and all, is that there’s no real good weapon for him. Sure – there’s a longsword, shortsword, bastardsword, rapier and dagger – but none of those are ideal ranger weapons. First – several of those (3 to be exact) are piercing. It is true that some of them comes with keen – so it’s sorta a wash anyways). Bastard sword require a feat and Rangers are feat starved as it is. Especially the kind I like to play. And the other slashing weapon (longsword) is underwhelming to say the least. There’s always Pinion – but my ranger is the melee kind and although it’s cool to have a good bow I’m more a multi arrow type and then the rest lots of swings and such. So cool – but not useful for 80 percent of my game.

I could consider the bastard sword. He’s currently using the sacrificial dagger right now in the off hand to add con damage and neg levels. Sure – it does pair down the dps somewhat but this is made up by adding plenty of adrenaline crits to the mix. Plus the con damage and the neg levels do help.

But that means a whole new feat. That’ll limit something else since I still have a good assortment of khopeshes and can’t see myself getting rid of that. The shortsword can be okay but it’s piercing. So that means a possible feat to increase the critt range of that. The dagger could be okay off hand (it has keen) but it’s a dagger. The only reason why I use one now is because of what comes with it.

All in all I wish they’ve had the forsight to add at least a scimi. I understand that they didn’t go with max DPS type items like greatswords and khopeshes – but a scimi wouldn’t be completely out of the question (I’m also surprised that there are no scimi drow weapons).

But looking over his gear I see a lot of future improvements. True – he kind of like the ravager and tempest ToD sets but I can consider banking those for now, if I can find good replacements for them. EE Jorgundals Collar is a good one. That would mean that I have to bank the tempest set. I think I can live with the replacement. With that maybe the ring of the djinn or something else. Ravager is a little harder. I do like Epic ring of the stalker – and with it maybe a fully upgraded Spare hands or maybe something from GH. I’m definately thinking about Epic Black Dragon with a +8 strength helmet. And possible planar set with the bastardsword with insightful +3. Then I can where possible augment Con and Dex. And with the change of Claw set I’m strongly considering banking them. The planar set will take care of that. Black and spare hands will add needed double strike and I’ll see what else I can find that add more. Even random gloves with +6% will work in that case.

As far as raid loot goes I can’t find anything that interests him. Maybe replacing the current boots with halcyon (where those temp SP can be utalized for self healing) but it’s doubtful. I find the spiked boots more interesting then or EE ones out of u16. I really can’t believe that the only thing that seems alright out of the raid is the cloak, but there you have it.

And as far as weapon goes I’m pretty skunked. Nothing out of the raid and nothing worth mentioning out of the rest of the quests. That means I have to give up level 24 feat to add bastard sword and suffer the fact that it’s not a good fit and look for u18 for maybe a better weapon (I don’t see anything in u15 and u16 that is remotely interesting. No – not even the khopesh and the bow).

But that’s alright – my Drow Khopesh, fully unlocked elemental Cannith Khopesh and the dagger out of the Drow city remains my favorite weapons. And punctuated naturally by a Li 2 bow or the Elemental bow out of Cannith. And no – I’m not going to bother making anything out of LoB. That raid doesn’t appeal to me due to the time commitment needed to get a group up and running. I’m looking forward – not sideways.

TOR is bound to occupy me plenty for scales and the rest of the quests for loot and restored relics. I just wish they could populate the wilderness better with a u16 style splatter of encounters. Just make restored relics more rare compared to the other rare encounters so we have a good reason to explore it every single time.

Some people think EGH means a rehash of old stuff – me I finally look forward to all that purple. Lots of gear to puzzle in, lots of alts to equip, lots of stuff to augment. And more destinies to unlock for a few of my guys. Good times.


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