This weekend in pain

I don’t mind wasting time. Well I do, but I’m a patient type guy so when it happens I don’t cry about it. Zerging is fine with me (efficient) but I don’t mind flowersniffing as well. What I don’t like is the frustration of silliness. I say silly; what else can you call it when a level 23 rogue cannot figure out how to disable a ward. I say this again – what else can you call a high level rogue that cannot disable a ward.

First – u16. The said rogue – not English speaking and seemed to go afk now and then came to the second chest in the first quest. The one with tons of fire wards. And tried to disable them by standing in the middle of the fire ward and do it. He could do it with a few of them, others he couldn’t. I don’t know what his issue was but it seemed like he hadn’t figured out the basics of right clicking on the ward and hit disable. (ergo the unability to disable some and the fact that he couldn’t stand at a range and do it.

Now generally I’m a patient guy and such but even IF English is not your main language (mine isn’t – Swedish) you should have figured out Q+E or even right click to target something to disable it. Be it ward, trap box, bear trap or whatever. It’s just basic stuff. So for me he was either very young or well. I leave it at that.

It didn’t get better. When we got to the castle one he couldn’t target and remove the ‘death’ wards. They hurt. Even on normal. So after trying a few time on the first he declared he couldn’t and moved on. Meanwhile I and a bard was stuck on the opposite side. So we of course had to get past those traps and take damage in the process.

So as we got done with the third quest and decided to go back and heal and such (the rest of the polite group decided to disintegrate since the experience was a little raw) I used a greater teleport and picked the wrong one and ended up in twilight forge. Mr afk rogue decided to take it, but since he didn’t own the pack he couldn’t go into the dungeon area where I could tele him again. And of course he kept going afk. A lot. I mean I felt bad – I had sent him to an area he couldn’t get out of. Now started an amusing attempt for both me and the remaining bard to tell him to /death out of there. And I also tried to open a ticket to make it happen but I didn’t know how well that would work since the east coast was getting slammed by a blizzard.

10 minutes or so later (I was on the verge of just moving on) he finally did it and I could tele out and drop without a cry.

Ironically as I logged in later on that night the same bard was on looking for a group to finish the last 2 quests. And as a good DDOer I decided to make it happen. It took longer then needed but we got it done – with hirelings and a few others we got it done, finished and the bard thank me as we split and went our separate ways.

I did end up doing the bonus challenge mat hunt tho. Countless of Epic gobblets converted to Jade Scorpions and Orthon stuff. Some of the runs were pretty good – like killing all the bosses on my sorc doing level 25. I tell you – those two caster ones like to spam tons of elementals. Very annoying. And unless you get the water ones down quick they will just heal up almost right away. I ended up just spamming tons of spells. The air ellies are annoying since once you’re spamming spells they kind of interrupt you from dotting and such due to throwing you around like crazy. But I got it done with 20 secs to spare.

And I finally got the mats done to finish off the elemental Khopesh. It’s nice and will only get better with the augment system coming in u17. Naturally that lead me to take my Ranger for a swing – and it was fun to reconnect to something I haven’t run as much lately. The barbarian destiny sure is fun with a tempest ranger. Hitting those 800-1100 hits with adrenaline is fun and doing a many shot with the high tier one is fun, where you super crit stuff for 30 seconds. Arrow hitting for 500+ doing multum damage. The cool thing is of course that between the ranger destiny, the barbarian and the fighter one – a tempest ranger is in the best position to unlock most of what they care for. They’re right there in the line. And if they want to finish things up with the rogue one they certainly can. In fact melee do have the best position to unlock only the things they want where as the arcane casters have a much worse time doing the same. If they want to go Shiradi – well then they have a trek. And if they want a larger spell pool by unlocking divine – same trek s with Shiradi.


3 thoughts on “This weekend in pain

  1. Micki

    Oh, you’re Swedish? 😛 Kewl. I’m Swedish speaking too (mothertongue). Of course, I’m so damn confused with the languages (I speak Swedish, Finnish and English daily) that I sometimes throw in words of the wrong language. 😛

  2. patang01

    Yup – Swede living in the promised land (USA) 14 years removed from yeh ‘ol Country. I assume you were born in one of the few Swedish speaking areas in Finland then? Or maybe a Swedish and a Finnish parent?

    Very cool.

  3. Micki

    🙂 Nice. Yes, I’m from an area where there’s more Swedish speaking than Finnish speaking (still only like 60-40), and both my parents are Swedish speaking. I grew up speaking only Swedish and some English.


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