Bestranged again

I remember back in the VoD and hound days how I ended up looting stuff I’d never use today. I have some of it on several alts. Reaver? ToD? DQ? I have lots of raid loot that used to be good – some of it I couldn’t give away if I had the chance and ended up banked. Like Icy Raiment that I used for a day and then threw in the bank. Still there; in the dusty corner to the left. Next to Tharnes bracers. The reality is that back in the day these were the items. They formed the core of gear that people used together with things like ‘Dragontouched’. In fact these were the items that competed with Epic items. And many times were better.

But that’s not the case today.

I’ve been running citw lately across many alts. I’m trying to pull a twilight for my sorc, wraps for my monk, greataxe for my fighter, something useful for my ranger and naturally the repeater for my Arti’s. But nada. When I do pull something it’s always something that class can’t use. Sure – I could save it for a ‘TR’. Which makes sense if it was useful between level 1-20. But it doesn’t make sense with a ML 23 weapon. ‘Cause even if I decide to level a destiny or two as part of the process I will have little use for it. It’s not like off weapons like that will be combined with the planar anyways. It’s hard to justify that use of accomendations and time to grind them out.

So it was with some amusement when a monk pulled Celestia yesterday and first thought about putting it up for roll until a friend told her that ‘it breaks any DR except LOB’ which somehow convinced that person to pick it – a ML 23 weapon that person will most likely never use.

I’ve since tempered any reason for me to pick something up. I have enough garbage in my bank to last me a lifetime and I will never use them. And not something high level as that. Raid stuff is btc so you can’t even sell it. And that’s why I’ve let people roll on 3 weapons so far – all completely useless for my respective alt. And I will never gunk up my bank with stuff I won’t use at all. Not even for the off chance to poke around with once and never again.

Now there is a difference between this and the VoD, hound days. Most of the stuff were not weapons but items and armor. But even with the coming new raid I’m going to be very honest with myself and only pick stuff I have good chance to use. Simply because maybe someone else would like for stuff like that to collect dust in their inventory and I don’t need more of it. I’ve just reached a point where I seem to have figured out that it’s better to focus on things I would like to get, then on things that I’ll have a hard time fitting into those plans. And that’s why I’ve been busy selling all the BTCoE things I’ve pulled that I can’t see myself using. Sure – I bank mule bank it, but if I just don’t ‘feel it’ strong enough I will simply just sell it instead.

But some still do – collect artifacts that eventually end up in a dark corner of their banks.


2 thoughts on “Bestranged again

  1. Micki

    🙂 Any CitW items that drop in my name, if it’s not what I’m looking for/ want, I’ll put it up for roll. Thaz got the twilight on a lucky roll on her 16th run. 🙂 And has so far pulled 8 comms, so got her twilight to tier 2. I agree very much with u on that one, that it’s silly to loot ml23 items for your next life, unless u plan to stay at end game for a longer amount of time.

    Ppl can do what ever they want, but I don’t usually loot btc items my char can’t use this life.


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