I did get my rangers khopesh fully upgraded this weekend (you know – challenge bonus weekend) and it did make me start playing my ranger again. So ironically I felt like providing him with some gear – just so he has some better stuff as we get closer to Epic GH. And that meant doing challenges – this time without the bonus and with a discount since I had to run heroic challenges over level (22) and therefore get hit with 20% mat loss.

Yeah – see the invisible hand leads me to run something that goes back to the very thing we had a bonus in for doing and that I now don’t. But the end result was at least the basic manslayer ring. I also tried to cobble together a bunch of stuff from the different sets. Like the bracers from villager set, the gloves and helmet from the purple knight set. And then I realized that I lost the claw set and also my heavy fortification.

It seems like what used to be a very solid gear solution is now being disrupted by this new stuff. And I’m not entirely sure it works. But that’ll change with EGH and some more epic items with augment slots. My first project is to find a good necklace. Something like a Con +8 or such. That will replace the tempest ToD set. I only need more strength to offset the +2 insightful that I put on the ring. That can be done to the ring of stalker (colorless augment slot) when EGH goes live. Or I can find a insightful +3 planar trinket.

I’m thinking I need to do what I always do when I get focused to much about specific gear – run a bunch of quests and see what drops. Not to look for something in particular – just run, finish and profit and in the end look through the inventory to see if I found something ‘neat’.


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