Tomorrow to be exact. Now wouldn’t it be ironic if the thing crashed whatever scotch taped and gerry rigged system they have going since Thursday and caused thousands of nerdrage heads to explode? Not to trivialize the type of family interaction I would have to unaturally engage in, but would go down as the dark period in DDOs third age (pre-F2P being the first age, F2P second and Post menace the third). I’m looking forward to it. Not the ‘END IS HERE’ but more the new Epic gianthold. I haven’t really had the reason to play it much. It never was part of my basic TR schedule and there’s not there for me. Now there is. I’ve even held off from augmenting some stuff because I know it’s going to be cheaper come U17 and more flexible, so no need wasting tokens if I don’t have too and I don’t.

I don’t even know if I have any set plans other then trying to get all my guys flagged. I want to have tons of guys running epic reavers not so much for the loot but the commendations and such. Plus I want to build up a pile of restored relics so I can start augmenting. And some of the loot wouldn’t hurt either along with named augments. Between EGH and citwn I plan to keep myself busy. And it’s a win win in any book. While I’m looking for the EE version of specific loot I’m more then willing to sell anything EN and EH. I can wait. And 20 runs later I’ll have an epic dragon armor for sure. With a nice group I’m sure I can squeeze in a few EH runs and if I do so with a new alt every 2-3 days I’ll hit enough flawless scales in no time and I can start putting a serious dent in my new plan of shinies.

And if I’m lucky I can lay low long enough for my wife to get the latest installment of Sims 3 and then I won’t have to worry about doing all that family stuff outside driving her around, yelling at the kids and nodding maturely when the kids talk to me. Good times; now Turbine have to release a TP item that allows me to buy a real life look-a-like that can do the whole family stuff while I play. Call it iDaddy – ’cause I only have so much DDO time ahead of me.


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