The ironies of unexpected downtime

I freely admit it. I’m a gaming nerd. Not really hardcore. I don’t demand complexity or lament the ‘easification’ of games that I love. But I do love playing them. And I try, hard as it may, to not talk about my game with family members. Unless I want their eyes to freeroll out of their skulls among moans and sighs. So when my game is down for over 2 days I didn’t go into torpor or start a nerdbellion and deman the devs heads on a pike. Or go lord of flies on everything (where I end up being the kid in glasses chased through the island towards the shore). I got my fix by rekindling myself with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and even downloaded 2 released DLCs since. And when I played it I wish it was DDO – beautiful and crisp graphics and very nice combat system. Deep and satisfying type of crafting – from creating armors, to creating gems to making your own potions. It got a little bit of everything. Translated to DDO it would be great.

But the irony wasn’t me getting into the game again – the irony was that the incentive of +2 loot and 25% XP didn’t make me play more then I did. I did play some – but I spent almost half a day playing Amalur instead. And while I managed to get some stuff done including be almost done with the ranger destiny on my ranger and then starting the fighter now for some extra fate points and stuff to twist, I could certainly spend even more time doing it.

But is it were I got suckered into another game and spent a substantial amount of time beating one of the DLCs instead and got a fourth into the other. Good times.


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