What would make you quit?

I find it interesting philosophically when I read the different outrages to say lack of feedback and even last weeks outage. But would you leave over it?

Personally I’d leave if the game was broken beyond repair, something else tickled my fancy and I couldn’t see myself playing it anymore or Turbine stopped updating it. I mean like 6 months or a year between updates.

For lack of feedback on an update? Extended outage with paranoid musings over why that is? I don’t think so. To me the game boils down to fun. Having less access to it would make me mad (eventually) but I wouldn’t be mad enough to call it quits and say ‘I’m going home’. I tend to think that I’m to weakwilled to quit for any other reason then if I found something to replace it with. And I can’t see myself blowing off years of ‘investment’ in a game because someone stepped on my emotional pet peeve. Who knows. Here’s the good thing; I’m getting 250 TP regardless if I showed any patience this weekend. I’m getting 1 day back for every day of the outage plus one as VIP. We got an +2 loot and 25% XP and it has been extended through the 20th.

And the sale of tomes and such has been extended as well.

I say BONUS! to all that. But some are not happy yet. Maybe a hug will do it.


4 thoughts on “What would make you quit?

  1. Evennote

    Yep, when the fun stops, so does all the rest. Which begs the question, what would make DDO stop being fun? I used to spend hours on Second Life the way I spend hours on DDO now, and then one night I just didn’t log in. I didn’t go nuts missing it, so I skipped another night – and without ever having planned it, that was pretty much the end of my playing SL. Didn’t hurt that I’d been playing DDO for about two months at that time, but I do wonder sometimes how, after investing a LOT of time into Second Life (and a fair amount of real money as well at one point), I could just basically quit cold turkey and never look back.

  2. BlueSilence

    Evennote basically summed up my thoughts (but quitting cocacola… that’s another story).

    Anyways, I think that most of those “I quit” scremos don’t really quit, they already have a drama-base and are leeching from it. They could start their feeding habits elsewhere but DDO forums are very juicy when it comes to prose PvP.


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