Into the valley of gold and gems

It’s ironic; I tend to run into things when I don’t want or plan to and I’ll never run into something if I do. In other words – if I go hunting for dragons I won’t find them (unless it’s TOR, where you will always encounter 3 of them). But if I happen to go the wrong way to POP (like heading towards Madstone confusing my directions and having a FVS foolish enough to follow me around – but turned out to work in my favor.

So there it was; a green dragon. Sleeping on a slope. If you’re sneaky you can apparently steal its chest without waking it and if you’re not, like the FvS – you get to fight it. I was on my ranger at the time so I decided to stay away. Partly because the acid breath and attacks hit me anyways but at least I wasn’t constantly dazed and running in slowmotion. And selfhealing always helps since the rest of the party that dropped in very slowly was busy getting beat up by the dragon. But we survived and profited.

Then there was the case of the red dragon, this time we were actually heading to Madstone. I jumped off this ledge and suddenly a HUGE red dragon swooped down and sat there. I figured – this guy wants something since I’m not its latest meal yet. And while the party came back to me I kind of got a good look at it. It looks awesome. Of course some giants further off felt like they wanted to get in on the action so while another party member tried to talk to it I was busy getting rid of the party poopers. One death later and we were rewarded with 2 chests.

As far as the quests goes – Cabal is pretty much the same. Tons of goblins, lots of annoying casters trying to dispel all your buffs, hold you when needed and make my guy choke on glittering dust. But the combination of Epic Elemental Khopesh with improved paralyzing together with a sacrificial dagger works. It’s a great way to both paralyze and to neg level stuff. And it did help that we ran as a full group with plenty of DPS.

I didn’t get a chance to run TOR – I ended up running with 2 different groups and re-doing Cabal more then once, but I did finally flag my ranger for TOR, which is next on my list. I also had the chance to augment the khopesh with 1d6 of shock damage. It’s nice to add a little more DPS even if it’s minute and I also picked up EH Iron Beads for 350k, not bad considering that will boost my Arti pretty well. Ultimately I’d love the EE version but 114 spell power and superior lightning lore ain’t bad considering how hard it is to boost runearm DPS considering that most good spell power stuff comes on hand held stuff.


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