Toven’s Hammer and iron beads – interesting but not viable

Imagine a rune armed charged fully by one item for maximum spell power and Superior lore. Imagine no more. EE iron beads, or as in my case, the EH version. It’s really a dream come true. You can’t really do that with any item – both get superior lore and maximum spell power. The closest you’ll get is at least 2 items. Like Epic tier 3 rock boots together with a EE Corruption of Nature. Thats superior acid lore with 114 spell power. Still not maximum but close.

Or impulse based rune arm together with EE version of shadowmail. 120 force based spell power and greater arcane lore. Not maximum lore but maximum spell power. So having ONE single item provide everything you need is a Arti wet dream. Or it should be.

First off – even with twisted evocation plus draconic evocation (+5 DC) maximum int I can add on my Arti etc any AOE based rune are will be close to worthless. I counted 1 out 4 hits as none reflex saved. That’s a lousy average. Even worse; the Tovens directional shots are FUBAR. Most of them hits nothing. They just ever get to their target. It’s like any slight tilt of the floor ‘stops’ the shots or if a hireling is in the way between you and the target it completely confuses the rune arm shots. The result is that some just goes straight down in the ground eventhough you’re aiming elsewhere and some just vanishes. But that’s nothing compared to all the shots that will be evaded by ranged critters and reflex saved by everything else.

As it stands critters with poor reflex save will save half the time, critter with good will save almost all the time and critters with evasion will usually never take damage. That makes any AOE based rune arm a worthless proposition in high end quests. Mind you; this was EN Cabal and Epic wilderness. Not EH or EE where things get even worse.

Now consider that 2 of the new rune arms; the one out of Crystal Cove and the lightning one are AOE based. Don’t worry about them – rune arms have been screwed for a while now and you’re better off putting all your resources into acid and force. Anything directional and AOE is currently off the table.

What could change that? Make anything that provides evocation count. Be it item, destiny and feat. Make it possible to make any type rune arm viable. Otherwise the options will be limited to a few useful ones and the rest will just be useless flavor. And to make Toven’s – a otherwise really nice runearm – so limited because it’s a highlevel rune arm to beginwith but you can’t use it in Epic hard and elite quests, is a shame. As for now I will have to limp along until Turbine get serious about making everything viable and stop throwing out new shiny stuff while so much else gets left behind. As I see it; Arti’s need their own destiny and one that makes all rune arms viable. I’d love to use the new glass cannon, but the reality is that it’s a ML 24 piece of vendor trash. It might be good as the 3 barrel cove lower end version but in 20+ quests it’s a cute artifact. And anything that is directional and AOE based is pointless to pursue until they do something about the whacky DC behind runearms.


2 thoughts on “Toven’s Hammer and iron beads – interesting but not viable

  1. Modulex

    So true… now I’m grinding 3 sorc lives to make Tovens Hammer more useable + 1 wizard life for the active past life feat. But still, I’m going to need a back up rune arm.

    And I really shouldn’t sidetrack to druids lol.

  2. Modulex

    Oh oh, just looked at the new Glass Cannon, it seems to have Exploding Cannon Shot, same as in Strinatis Hand Cannon. I still haven’t got to try it in action, but it seems not to have no save chance as long as the target is blast radious. Hard targeting mobs works best, and for indirect shooting, jumping and shooting downwards minimizes the chance of it exploding on your face.


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