Coming together

So I failed my first solo run and no wonder why; I just didn’t have my head in the game using a medium armor that removed my evasion ability and a low tier destiny not optimized for my type of game. And of course lots of things to evade (which I didn’t) and not enough damage to dish out with the timing of having to knock down giants and dragons at the same time.

So I went back in using the barbarian destiny ready to kick it up a notch with adrenaline. And what a difference. Giants fell like crazy and with 25% left HP on the white dragon and less then 5 on the giant a multi arrow later plus epic moment and it was all over. The same happened with the blue and the black dragon.

But I kind of skipped soloing it after that. It takes longer and it relies to much on hirelings to keep me alive. That would be good if it wasn’t for the fact that I ended up healing the healer at times because it was stuck on trying to throw heal mass when the dragon was clearly annoyed at it. Plus with a group I ran EH mostly which had the side effect of me pulling some nice named loot and also a few more scales. All in all the weekend had me pull together 12 scales and I’m very close to having my first dragon outfit.

Here’s the thing; I kind of like EN whispermail. Lots of blur and lots of HP. Going to Epic black dragon will in sense be better for my DPS BUT worse for my hitpoints. So I almost feel like I have to drop a 35 HP in the armors blue augment slot to be 5 short compared to whipermail and not the PRR like I wanted too. I’m also wanting to wait until I either run and pull or can buy reasonably priced EE Dream Visors, Ring of Shadows and Jeweled Cloak. They will allow me to add more DPS, replace the whisperchain for avoid damage and some spell absorb (slot the cloak with deathblock and it’s your handy ioun stone).

I’m currently happy with the EH Jorgundal’s collar, EN Spiked Boots, fully upgraded ring of stalker, claw set, EH Compass, EN Whisperchain and EH Girdle of Giants’ Brawn. And I have slotted all kind of stuff from Con, Dex, Heavy fort and FF to smooth out all those spikes in good to bad in what’s normally any build. So that means less changing gear and more well rounded – making some things a tad stronger then others. And Devotion 114 in my fully upgraded Elemental Khopesh and some additional cold DPS in the other weapon rounds off all the self healing I need. And when I slotted 200 additional SP I tend to have enough SP to heal through most issues without needing to switch to torc to ‘torc up’. Of course, I still have a con op helmet so I do get some SP from that now and then – enough to keep me from blowing through all of it.


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