A few more reasons to stick around

The future is bright – setting aside the tin foil, the doom and gloom and all that – I am very happy with DDO and it seems that it can only get better.

I agree that bugs suck. I agree that sometimes Turbine outstrips their ability and produce a headthumping pain for the rest of us. And it seems that where they squash some bugs, the introduce others. Or old ones. And some never seems to get fixed (hello ladder bug with arti pets). But I have hope, because I love DDO and I want it to prosper.

Work on the new enhancement system is well underway and it will be heading to its first public beta this spring.

This is good news. I will look forward to this new system that looks similar to the destiny system. And I look forward to finally get the most out of my different chars. Especially my FvS and my Arti’s.

Shadowfell Conspiracy will have more than just new quests and regions, we will also be raising the level cap to 28 and providing something often requested by fans: faster access to the Forgotten Realms! With a new prestige character feature we are calling Iconic Heroes; we think we have an innovative solution that will get you right into the Forgotten Realms starting at level 15. Each of these Forgotten Realms born characters will start as a race class combination with new racial abilities. I can’t wait to tell you more about these characters in the coming months.

Looks like a second expansion. I’m willing to pay if it adds something significant to the experience. Like tons of quests and a good over all system. And I’d be curious to see what kind of specific race benefits there are to anything raised and born in FR compared to Eberron.

Later in the year we have some other great stories planned and we plan to focus our attention on the True Reincarnation options and update the system to work for Epic level players. Epic True Reincarnation would also introduce a new completionist track. What would two more stat points do to your TR character?

So level 28 and new form of TRing. I’m very curious about that. Level 28 adds another feat and another Ability point (at least). But I wonder if it also means ‘more’ power to destinies. Like maybe 1 additional point per level to spend in a destiny or maybe a new tier? And it also probably means higher level gear – I wonder what that means?

But it seems like they’re not hot to update Cannith crafting and that’s a pity. Cannith crafting in combination with augment slots can be a good way to find some basic hole pluggin’ gear. But it doesn’t look like they’re interested in doing much with it.


3 thoughts on “A few more reasons to stick around

  1. GoldyGopher

    I found the lack of comments on Cannith Crafting in Erik’s note intriguing more then head scratching. More than one dev has thrown out off the cuff remarks about Cannith Crafting getting some major work done on it, yet the big announcement leaves it off the list. Is it because it is so far down the list or because it is too early or they decided to not work on it. I guess time will tell.


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