VIP and some other stuff

I’m VIP. I am for a lot of reasons. And I will continue to fork over my 10 bucks until they remove any benefit out of being one. It’s true that each expansion with a dwindling amount of free (to VIPs) updates undermines the value of VIP, but Turbine is set to update that.


The idea floating around (according to Fernando) is that VIPs will get a +10 XP bonus. It’s nice. And quite frankly I’d love to see something like +5% XP and +5% Renown and +5% challenge reward instead. You know smaller but broader. Meaning an incentive across many categories but now game breaking. Now some people call this p2w – but I’m pretty ambiguous about every single charge of ‘p2w’. To me it’s strictly ‘you cannot get X or do X unless you buy this one thing’. In a way owning a specific pack can be that – but we take that for granted. But let’s say that you can hit 25 but only if you buy 50 dollars can you reach level 30. That’s p2w.


Aside from the argument about what IS p2w I think giving a specific perk to VIPs is a good thing. Not just because I am a VIP but it makes sense to reward people who put dependable money into the system every single month. Sure – the counter argument is that premium players buy a lot of stuff – which ignores that the same can be said about VIPs. Trust me; if my wife knew just how much I spend on DDO she’d make me do dishes for months.


Aside from this debate I had somewhat of a ‘sliding sideways’ moment last night. I did FoT and did pretty well. I find ranging together with Fury of the Wild Epic moment (or adrenaline pumped shots) a good way of staying out of trouble and kiting stuff if need be. Going in close and dirty always ends up with lots of people dead and me running in circles screaming. I just need a better bow I guess; or the right type of DR breaking. I’m thinking Epic silver Flame bow but trying to pull seals and shards is an act of Gosh. Those loot tables are so borked. While I’m at it I’d love to get my hands on an Epic double crossbow and Silver slinger. Both would look real good on my Arti’s. Make that 2 of each for both my Arti’s. I ain’t greedy – just want something better then greensteel and random pulls.


5 thoughts on “VIP and some other stuff

  1. Adiurd

    Yeah, a 10% xp bonus to VIP is very interesting. Right now I’m premium with all adventure packs, and the way I see it, I have no incentive to become VIP. With this bonus I might consider it 🙂

  2. LrdSlvrhnd

    Actually, even with expansion packs, VIPs still get the sub-packs in ’em for free.

    VIPs may’ve had to purchase MotU, but not Druid’s Deep or High Road. (I remain unclear if you need both – ie, if VIPs without MotU got DD & HR. But I know non-VIPs with MotU had to purchase DD and HR.)

    So it’s not really all THAT “dwindling amount of free (to VIPs) updates”.

    10% bonus XP? *frosting* (Although I like the idea of renown/crafting bonus as well. But not all VIPs are in a guild, and not all craft. So 10% XP is more democratic…)

    Hmm. Maybe 15% you could adjust per server, change it once a month. So your TP farming servers you can shove it all into XP, and your main server you can balance it out between the three, and your secondary server where you’re in a guild but decided not to bother with crafting you can split between XP and renown… and I prolly need sleep *g*

  3. patang01

    I do understand that U15 and 16 was more the traditional updates free of charge (or rather included) with VIP. The question is how this will be going forward. Will there be 2-3 updates between ‘Expansions’ so there will be content added for VIP or will we see more expansion and less updates? That’s why adding +10 XP makes sense.

    It adds a clear value to VIPs beyond just quests although I hope they will still provide some updates for VIPs as suppose to all expansion going forward. And I like your idea of changing what you use on a monthly basis. That would be a smart thing.


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