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A new home, and it feels…strange

I can’t help it, but I need a canvas for my rants. I’m not a perfect blogger per say. Sometimes I don’t write something for months. But when I do, I blog a lot. Yes – it is a play on that beer commercial. But since this is not DDO, I won’t keep it exclusively as DDO. Not that I play a lot of different things but sometimes DDO wears me out and I find something else that can pick up my fancy for a pit. No other MMO tho, unless you count WoT as a specific one (World of Tanks).

And that would be it for online play. I sometimes get so into games that it’s hard to focus on something else, so that’s why DDO have been a constant companion with me since F2P in 2009 even though I’ve taken a semi-month long break from time to time (few and far between). And even If I’ve spent both time and money playing something like WoT I’ve had no problem ‘quitting’ it, going strong now for a good 2-3 months even though I did spent maybe 1 or so days lately throwing some tanks at it (admittedly halfheartedly).

Don’t worry tho – I’m keeping politics out of this blog. I save my half-baked political rants for other forums and this is strictly about me and games. Sorta. There will be a smidge of reality but only in so far it relates to games (somehow).

I will miss MyDDO. I will. And it’ll be lonely here in no mans land – between a mountain of choices and a sea of ‘look at me – I play games’. I’ll have to fend for myself among giants – people who have blogged for ages and drag around the adulations of fans like plum grapes. And I’ll have to distinct my voice in an ocean of far more interesting people who can do things like play banjo with their toes (I’m sure there is such a person) or even whistle the Finnish Anthem in reverse.

But at least I’ll be me. Lost as I am – with a voice however faint, talking about stuff as they push themselves from inside my skull to the tip of my fingers.

It’s time to one hand clap myself outta here

I’m done. I didn’t see it. But it is happening. What was living with Ugla really about? Once in a bazillion years my wife created a dwarf and then she kind of sorta never played it again. Its name was Ugla. Now she plays other chars – when she plays. I could’ve changed the title of my blog to ‘Rants galore’ or ‘My heads’a poppin” or something, but I kept it that way ’cause it almost had a ring to it.

But now ‘this’ is gone. The way we see it now. There’s no promise of a ‘new feature’ only that they’re going to ‘investigate’. Whatever that turns out to be the years of thoughts I’ve poured and not remain in the dust bin, will be like the philosophical aspect of the sound of one hand clapping or do trees exist if no one is there to hear them fall (or something rather)?

I’m not that insecure. I will go on existing (as much as all colors of the spectrum reflects of what should be a biological form if there’s a form of photonic emission) but what will happens with my bewildered thoughts if I can’t find a way to release them?

In that I can give you the final report that I’ll use this weekend to spit out the last few tiers of ranger and druid to get my final twist. I need 2 more fate points and more tiers of sumthing to get there.

Then I’ll consider TRing (at the moment I make the 2 GS items I’m missing).

And that’s it.

It was fun, but come April someone is pulling the flusher.

Tappin’ out

I’m running out of good XP. Due to the stupid XP penalty system and I’m right there trying to squeze in another few tiers of the ranger destiny so I can jump over to druid so I can get that tier 1 feature already. But it ain’t easy when the penalties mount.

But I did break the pace a lil’ when I joined an EN Citw yesterday – counting on getting completely hosed on commendations (because I need 1) and probably pull stuff I don’t need. In addition of course to the 6 chests of general trash worse then what you find elsehwere. Elminster sure knows how to polish a turd.

Everything went smooth – we had 2 great healers and a good assortment of DPS. All in all it was a ‘by the numbers’ type deal and I did my part. So when it comes to the chest part – where you know you’re suppose to be all excited but in citws case it’s more like the end of a shift working in the sewers and all you have to look forward to is a cold shower, I pulled no commendations (as I thought) and the handwraps and the spear. Two things I really didn’t want. So I put the handwraps up for roll but kept the spear. It’s a cool thing to have and maybe I play around with it for a bit.

Ironically this weekend provides 20% heroic and epic XP.  I’m at the point I’d love to TR and this would be a great opportunity, but I kind of want my GS weapons first. It really helps. So I’ll see if I can’t use that XP to get something out of the diminishing pool of XP and quests out there and knock those final things out as I do a few shroud for good measures.

Once in a blue moon

I was tired last night. Halfheartedly trying to pull a Luminous Truth since I have all the stuff, but not the item. That’s unusual; most of the time it’s the other way around. And worse of all – you have to farm the end quest, so no quick run for any chest – just that one. And there’s no ‘quick’ run through it since the spiders only spawns at certain stages. And it’s not like you can keep on beating her over and over to slap out some more (she leaves several times). So functionally that’s 2 chests every 30 or so minutes which is NOT cool when it comes to farming. Plus there’s no ‘third time is a charm’ type chain reward. Which is a big oversight in my opinion.

You know what – if other quest chains have ’em then all of them should. Plus let shards and seals show up on those lists along with items. But as I mentioned before – the Web of Chaos stuff is so borked.

That’s not my once in a blue moon moment. That happened as I decided to join a citw. I’m one accomendation short of the tier 1 version of Epic Black Dragon armor. So the EH that was up felt like a no brainer. Then everything went down hill from there. First, it was almost full when I joined. 2 people shy of a full party and we already had 2 healers by the time the final slot was left unfilled. So we decided to start early. That’s not the first time I’ve done that. But the differense this time was that as we dropped into the quest only half the team started the battle and by the time we ran into Lolth the first time only I and a few other DPS types were hammering on her.

But there was nothing wrong with DPS. Between the few of us that eventually ran up and started hitting her along with all the other damage and curses a few died mostly because the healers were not all in the game yet. Only one was and for some inexplicit reason (clonk maybe?) he died early. And that means a timer.

So one guys die (a ranger) and refuse to either get raised or simply go afk. Not a good thing. Secondly the clonk runs out of mana. Mostly I think because he decided to smack Lolth around and got SP drained. Then as we deal with the legs there’s a general confusion, but the DPS is just fine. Only problem is that the second healer arrives late and starts complaining while the Clonk is dry and don’t want to drink pots.

I know that the healing was bad when I ended up having to self heal myself and the rest of the fighters hitting Lolth kept on dying but at a point as we were struggling fighting the legs the other healer decided that ‘people didn’t bring their dps, going for XP instead) and leaves.

I don’t mind giving pots away to healers that use resources. But DPS was not the issue. It was a strict healing issue. I know it since I also run a healer and I noticed the amount of dings. Nor was it an issue about people not removing curses. I saw them do it and they were left unhealed.

And that is the first person I have squelched in years. Once in a blue moon. I really don’t want to deal with people who don’t wait for the consensus that we should drop and reform, but complain about DPS as an excuse to get out of a mess that was partially his problem.

My hope is that I will never get to run with that guy again – I’ve seen so many worse situations repaired as long as there’s a will and that people ‘re-group’. Like ‘concentrate on the lags and kite the bugs’. That works. ‘We’ll give you all the pots you need, just lets get this done’. That works.

After that I kind of left and decided to do something else. I had suffered fools enough that night and I could always get my accomendation another time.


I have several large bags (they’re BTA so I can drop them in the shared bank. Now and then I’ll do a toon pass and drop stuff in the appropriate bags. Like Shards, Seals and the like. So I spent some time figuring out exactly WHAT I can do that is Epic since I was sure I had some things while wanting to figure out exactly what I’m missing for the things I’d like on specific toons.

And that was quite the list, but very few complete full epic mats. Like Templar’s Justice, when I really need Templar’s Retribution (missing shard AND seal). But on the other hand I had Luminous Thruth which solves my FvS need for Superior Radiance Lore – combined with the appropriate trinket of course.

And I even managed to put together a charged gauntlet set but I’m always 1 shard or scrolls short on other things. If it is a scroll the mission gets easier – farm any of the epic quests for scrolls or buy them (or trade) of the AH. Some times for a reasonable sum, other times for mindboggling amount of shards or plats.

And for some quests it’s a lot easier to get shards; like the web of chaos. Sure – getting one is an ordeal but on EN they drop once in a blue moon and the quest is relatively short. It’s true that shards also drop in other chests but that’s so rare you’re almost more likely to win your state lottery.

That’s also true for Red Fens – the quest takes about 30 minutes and shards drop fairly reliably. That’s not true with VON or DQ. There you have an easier time getting a seal then there is to get the right shard. Especially since there are so many epic items and they drop very rarely. And if you’re looking for an easy shard – try Carnival. But if you want the seal? Farm – a long, long time.

The best raid for scroll, seal and shard is Chronosphere. 1 Raid, lots of okay Epic gear and fairly quick to complete with 3 chests with goodies (and other chests to loot for extra vendor trash). And tons of stuff to kill so a fair chance for scroll.

The worst to farm i Web of Chaos and Sands. Either long quests or borked drops. Especially Web of Chaos. Now it would be nice if they introduced some kind of trade 3 of the same chain for the 1 of your choice or 5 from different quests in regards to Shards and Seals. Or the ability to trade them on the shard AH. It’s time. I’d love to get rid of some shards and seals I will never use for stuff that I’d love too. I’ve been collecting this stuff for years now and can only put together 5 complete items at the moment, but sure have seals scrolls and shards for so many more.

And with the other newer epic items dropping fairly reliably the old Epic system need a boost.

Hitting 25

There should be fireworks going off. 20 always felt special. Like a handshake and a gold watch. 25 is just like. Okay- congrats, now begone. But my tank is 25 and I have most of the gear I set out to get and I’m working hard on everything else. I have the Min II cloak, and I managed to pull Nightmare (Citw) and I’ve already unlocked Unyealding Sentinel and almost legendary and now I’m working on ranger one so I can jump to Druid. There’s a method for the madness – I want rejuvinating cocoon and I have already added Magican training as a feet.

That will allow me to cast 12 SP worth of okay healing. And with Unyealding Sentinel I can use the 150 HP AOE heal 4 times (it regenerates). I can easily hit myself for 300+ HP so that part is pretty good. Plus in unyealding I also get good and holy to all weapons. An excellent way of be able to break most evil critters DR.

And I tell you; doing some demonweb stuff on EE truly challenges your ability to stay alive and having a dedicated tank with lots of AC and PRR (something like 131) helps. I readily remove about 47% of all incoming damage. Enough to feel comfortable doing EH and challenged and alive doing EE.

I put that to test this weekend for sure; did EE second Eveningstar chain (Drow city), did EE Battle for Eveningstar (that one was tough) and Rift and Deal. Tho the group matters more then induvidual components. I had the pleasure of running some of these with absolutely terrific players. I mean some of them made the entire ordeal feel like nuthin’. And in some cases we didn’t even have pure healers – we had a Druid (VERY good Druid to be added).

So that leaves me with the dragon one, 3 of the first Chain, Trial by Fury and the worm one to do on EE. Not really the absolute hardest ones – the worm one can be, the Dragon one shouldn’t and Trial is doable without optionals. Among the first chains only Battle for Eveningstar is the true challenge – the rest are hard but can be winged with less then a great PUG.

My aim is of course to unlock the planar set for some more damage and most of all moah PRR.

Getting there

I’m about 3 scrolls short and 1 shard short of some Epic gear – all which I want to get done before I advance in level. I figured I get that done before I TR because we all know how painful it might be to TR without good gear. I sure have all the mats too for 3 GS items but only one large shard. That ain’t going to get things done. But my hope is that I can get a few more runs in and at least 1-2 shards each time of different flavors.

I’m also getting my Cannith crafting done; the ring of stalker is fully upgraded and I’m working on the belt now. Then it’s the Khopesh and finally the bracers. Ironically I won’t really use these items for too long since my hope is to advance to GH stuff as quickly as possible. But again; it’s so I have all the stuff when I TR and I can get better use of them then.

I’m also a proud owner of a Drow Scimi with stunning. Together with my seal with vertigo my tank is now a trippin’ and stunnin’ full metal type deal and it works. And it’s really nice to be able to neutralize one or two opponents before they can start plonking at you. It really shows when fighting the Demon queen in some of the Challenges. She can hurt, and normally both my fighter and other melee would be a deep trouble (I always end up kitting her) but with my tank I simply intim, turn around so she wont hit my healer and then slash away until it’s all done. Not as quick as any other toon but much safer since she hurts but barely so.

Of course that doesn’t translate into a EE PoP and standing up against the demon queen there but it does help and it’s only going to get better. My goal is eventually to do the tanking destiny – just after I get rejuvinating cocoon from the druid one and unlock everything I need to twist in a few good things. (Legendary tactics comes to mind). And after that it’ll be a matter of continue gearing towards excellence.