Dyin’ ain’t fun – but tactics are

So we did EE PoP and someone pulled a EE Dream Visor. He traded it for an EE Ring of Djinn (that someone else also pulled). The bard figured that the ring was a lot better for him then melee type visors and I tend to agree. I use the EN version and while it’s not AS good it’s still more then okay. So the healer (group leader) said he would do EE TOR. And for the longest time I hesitated – but decided to join that too. Which turned out to be 2 hours of (I thought anyways) of fun and several recall and go in again to rebuff.

And I figured out I need imm against blindness and a bunch of pots against all kind of stat damage stuff. But still; despite that I managed fairly okay. Not much in the department of raw power but well equiped for both ranged and melee. And I even managed to survive the longest against our nemisis – the blue dragon. And it’ll have to remain our nemisis for now. We did white – in fact it went just fine. Casters (fvS and sorc) prepped the dragon and the rest of us hammered the giant. When they were both at about 10% I did multi arrow and FotW epic moment and lined up the dragon and giant perfectly. As such I nailed both with equal damage and both went down fine. Then we got spanked by blue the first time, recalled rebuffed and went to black instead. And it ended up being a ranged grind fest by standing on the hill and launch thousands of arrows into them. And then when they were at 5% I did another multi with epic moment. Done.

The cool thing is that both rewarded me with different EE items. EE Jorgundal’s collar at the white and the Khopesh (bleh) at the black (no helmet). I was tempted as we failed the blue for the second time to drop the collar on the AH, but then I thought that the chance I’ll pull another one anytime soon (on EE that is) is slim so I better just take what I get and move on. So my fighter will now be the proud owner of said collar and it’ll do him good. And sitting here and reflecting over those 2 hours I must say that eventhough we died, got mangled, fried and electricuted, I still had fun. Lots of fun. Challenges are all good. And sometimes you have to break the dulldrum of cakewalking EH with something that’ll knock your socks off and challenge everything you can do in the game.

That’s ultimately a good thing.


3 thoughts on “Dyin’ ain’t fun – but tactics are

  1. redcastle73a

    The challenge of EEs is finding people who are
    a) willing to try
    b) are not elitists

    Finding those in category A and not B is the challenge. As such I have done one EE to date and we had a grand old time running it. Getting the timing right for us to hook up and run more, Im certainly looking forward to.

  2. Samiusbot

    EE white and black are not too bad. EE Blue is just killer, but it is not the dragon it is the traps and the lack of “safe spots”

    Also EE Colar is a real good pull.

  3. CabooseJTS

    I’m always willing to do EE on my rogue (i would say wizard but just TRed her) unfortunately i don’t think I’m that good at them (and i don’t particularly think I’m elitist) so it’s difficult for me to get into groups to do them with cause it just seems like my rogue wouldn’t do much except be a waste of SP (for the healer) and cannon fodder for the mobs.


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