Farmin’ – not what I do well

This is how it works with me; if I’m not looking for it I will pull it. Nice surprise too. What I farm for won’t show up. Always. Case in point; the very first time I ever ran Titan (random group) the eardweller dropped. And while we debated how, what it was the caster in the group (I was on my FvS) ninjaed it and dropped. A DB thing. I’m guessing he’d ran the quest a zillion times and figured we were a bunch of clueless droolers so he wasn’t going to be bothered with the negatives of it.

I’ve since farmed it. Many times. Until I finally pulled it on my Sorc I think. My FvS never got it and I’ve given up. Now I’m farming for a EH Corruption of Nature. I like it better than the Epic TOR ones since none of them have some kind of spell power on them (was a purple or orange slot to much to ask for on the EE version?).  It would solve lots of things; insightful intelligence +3 and the better damage profile. Sure – it’s only 108 spell power put that’s plenty. Compared to the TOR ones – nada. I have also given up on farming for a EH shadowmail with impulse.

Never on AH, never for a good price and always missing out of the chest. If I farm – nothing. If I don’t (meaning I don’t even think about it) I pull something like EE Jorgundal’s Collar. Yup – I did. Already had the EH version on my Ranger so I was all good. And lo and behold – EE version. Now my fighter is happy. But have I pulled any version of the quiver? Nope.


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