Random pulled gear and a fistful of crafted

I’m still trotting around the city with my freshly minted tank (with a smell of sewer – you know why). I managed to advance a lil’ away from beginner/starter some stuff I found onto some crafted gear. Like bracers with flexible underwater breathing and flexible melee alacrity 10% – ML 7. And what’s better at adding some dps then charged gloves. I have a pair of striding boots ready to be created with a yellow slot and I do believe with 20% striding and a yellow feather falling augment I will be able to put it on at level 8. And added to that will be a spell resist (20) cloak – currently using one with resist +4 and feather falling. Finally – a ML 7 protection +5 helmet (flexible). Adding some additional AC to the mix.

It shows too; lots of misses and not that much damage. And with life shield on my shield the proc will soak up some of the damage. For level 8 I have a scavanged warplate (+5 Adamantine Half plate (AC 19, MD 0): Blue Augment Slot, Colorless Augment Slot). I’m going to add heavy fort in the blue slot and pick up a Cannith challenge spare hands belt. That way I can get a lil’ bit more towards tripping. I’d love to find something with another green or blue augment slot as well – something I can add some PRR too, since I pulled a ML 8 PRR augment.


One thought on “Random pulled gear and a fistful of crafted

  1. Artrish

    Is the sewer smell a sewer smock? I forgot what that item gives. Kobold remembers waterworks, so be carefull out there.


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