Time to put another toon in the tank

I’m going for a fighter tank this time. Never done tank – in fact I’ve done sword and board combo less times (as melee) then I have gone to a tavern to recoup HP by eating something and not just talk to the spirit guide and have him slap a couple of heals on me.

My initial level 7 tank started out with some okay random gear and will slowly adjust to named stuff. Right now I have a nice bastardword and yesterday I was using a crafted acid burst of bleed one. Then there’s the ML 2 +2 adamantine full plate, the shield with life shield and vertigo +4 on it and other assorted stuff.

All and all I keep filling in some basic blanks with crafted gear and even that earthen guard proc trinket from CC. The end goal is to find the balance between str, dex, con, with enough int to grab improved trip and as much charisma as I can put together. I’m thinking at least triple TR before I have enough ability points to find a perfect balance and of course more TR to make it viable. I’m staying pure fighter this time around to get the hang of the basics and then I’ll TR into a paladin to see if that’s a better tank and if I don’t care for it I will at least have the past life heal amp.

My idea is also to get magic training. The idea is to have some SP so I can use rejuvenating cocoon. It works really well on my ranger. True – my ranger do have both spell power, heal am, enhancement points on some spell power and Major healing lore to the chance for some nice heal crits.

All in all I expect a much lower number on an fighter with max heal amp. But – it’ll be enough to keep him in the game if I get his tanking abilities up there. Which means dodge, high AC and PRR. I’m also eyeing some of those necro shields. They’re much improved and with a purple slot they’re petty good. That would get me through to 20 and then the chase for a good weapon starts. Like the bastards sword out of citw, but there’s also the epic one out of House of D that will boost things if you use dragonmarks.

It’s going to be interesting; melee is easy. Maximize DPS and HP and go at it. Tanking is gear and technique intense. And that appeals to my sense of discovery.


One thought on “Time to put another toon in the tank

  1. Evennote

    “Tanking is gear and technique intense” – if only more people realized this. Sure, it doesn’t take much to play a melee who just hits stuff, but my tank pally (and by extension, me) gets annoyed with people who think all she does is stand there and swing.


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