All in all, awesome weekend

I’m no multiple TR awesome. Like a TR every week or so. Nor do I go from level 1-20 in one week and then triple TR in a month. But I did get a lot of done, moving from 12 to 18 (holding until 20) in little or no time. Then it’s my tanks first life so that explains that. I’m currently holding so I can get some stuff done before 20 and Epic. Which includes a host of Cannith challenge items and to figure out what I have when it comes to Epic stuff (meaning what can I upgrade and get right away). I’d love at least 3 pieces of the greater Abashai but I’m really short some of the stuff. I currently have the gem and I’m a scroll short of the boots, but I’m going for the helmet and the cloak and for that I have nothing. My idea is to use the fully unlocked pirate plate OR the plate out of Chrono until I eventually reach 25 (then it’ll be Epic black dragon for armor piercing and such). I will also get the necklace (charm), gloves (claw) and Goggles (Raven) out of Red Fen but I’m REALLY short on stuff for that. With the gem I’ll get the effect of them all the set bonuses without need of both items.

So for bracers, belt, ring of stalker and elemental khopesh Cannith (adds manslayer, dodge and blur along with double strike), Boots, cloak and helmet Chrono (profane strength and natural armor), armor either pirate or Chrono (both adds demon shield but pirate adds superior life and Chrono adds spell resist), red fen necklace, gloves and goggle – that’s more damage, more to hit, true vision and insightful armor.

Net we’re talking about 7 more in AC, +3 in Strength, +4 in damage, +4 to hit and other features. That’ll go a long way in adding additional DPS. Another option is to do the Chrono Bracers and add Phiarlan Mirror cloak. I’d love to get a better shield but I don’t want to start using tower shields (Epic web of Chaos) and there’s no way that I’ll start grinding Von and Sands for those different shields. I just don’t have the energy to hammer my soul that way. If they had an exchange system for shards, seals and scrolls or they made all shards seals and scrolls unbound and tradable, then yeah. You’d see a lot more stuff being traded. Even if it was for the new shard AH (which I hope not but whatever).

Reminder to myself. Don’t use the shard AH ever. I don’t care. It’ll be the only source for some stuff for sure but I refuse to waste my shards on such a horrible fee. It just reeks of cash grab along with the new mat exchange they’re adding. I just don’t deal with naked capitalism like that.

Finally – I’m adding 3 GS items. 2 weapons and 1 cloak. I might not use them right in this minute but I’m going to create them nontheless for TR. A Min II and triple pos weapon and a Min II HP cloak. All useful stuff as you level.


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