Hitting 25

There should be fireworks going off. 20 always felt special. Like a handshake and a gold watch. 25 is just like. Okay- congrats, now begone. But my tank is 25 and I have most of the gear I set out to get and I’m working hard on everything else. I have the Min II cloak, and I managed to pull Nightmare (Citw) and I’ve already unlocked Unyealding Sentinel and almost legendary and now I’m working on ranger one so I can jump to Druid. There’s a method for the madness – I want rejuvinating cocoon and I have already added Magican training as a feet.

That will allow me to cast 12 SP worth of okay healing. And with Unyealding Sentinel I can use the 150 HP AOE heal 4 times (it regenerates). I can easily hit myself for 300+ HP so that part is pretty good. Plus in unyealding I also get good and holy to all weapons. An excellent way of be able to break most evil critters DR.

And I tell you; doing some demonweb stuff on EE truly challenges your ability to stay alive and having a dedicated tank with lots of AC and PRR (something like 131) helps. I readily remove about 47% of all incoming damage. Enough to feel comfortable doing EH and challenged and alive doing EE.

I put that to test this weekend for sure; did EE second Eveningstar chain (Drow city), did EE Battle for Eveningstar (that one was tough) and Rift and Deal. Tho the group matters more then induvidual components. I had the pleasure of running some of these with absolutely terrific players. I mean some of them made the entire ordeal feel like nuthin’. And in some cases we didn’t even have pure healers – we had a Druid (VERY good Druid to be added).

So that leaves me with the dragon one, 3 of the first Chain, Trial by Fury and the worm one to do on EE. Not really the absolute hardest ones – the worm one can be, the Dragon one shouldn’t and Trial is doable without optionals. Among the first chains only Battle for Eveningstar is the true challenge – the rest are hard but can be winged with less then a great PUG.

My aim is of course to unlock the planar set for some more damage and most of all moah PRR.


2 thoughts on “Hitting 25

  1. Samiusbot

    The Heros + DG did the Belly of the beast on EE and it was fairly tough. But once you get in the worm it is easy living until you get into it is the issue. 🙂


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