Once in a blue moon

I was tired last night. Halfheartedly trying to pull a Luminous Truth since I have all the stuff, but not the item. That’s unusual; most of the time it’s the other way around. And worse of all – you have to farm the end quest, so no quick run for any chest – just that one. And there’s no ‘quick’ run through it since the spiders only spawns at certain stages. And it’s not like you can keep on beating her over and over to slap out some more (she leaves several times). So functionally that’s 2 chests every 30 or so minutes which is NOT cool when it comes to farming. Plus there’s no ‘third time is a charm’ type chain reward. Which is a big oversight in my opinion.

You know what – if other quest chains have ’em then all of them should. Plus let shards and seals show up on those lists along with items. But as I mentioned before – the Web of Chaos stuff is so borked.

That’s not my once in a blue moon moment. That happened as I decided to join a citw. I’m one accomendation short of the tier 1 version of Epic Black Dragon armor. So the EH that was up felt like a no brainer. Then everything went down hill from there. First, it was almost full when I joined. 2 people shy of a full party and we already had 2 healers by the time the final slot was left unfilled. So we decided to start early. That’s not the first time I’ve done that. But the differense this time was that as we dropped into the quest only half the team started the battle and by the time we ran into Lolth the first time only I and a few other DPS types were hammering on her.

But there was nothing wrong with DPS. Between the few of us that eventually ran up and started hitting her along with all the other damage and curses a few died mostly because the healers were not all in the game yet. Only one was and for some inexplicit reason (clonk maybe?) he died early. And that means a timer.

So one guys die (a ranger) and refuse to either get raised or simply go afk. Not a good thing. Secondly the clonk runs out of mana. Mostly I think because he decided to smack Lolth around and got SP drained. Then as we deal with the legs there’s a general confusion, but the DPS is just fine. Only problem is that the second healer arrives late and starts complaining while the Clonk is dry and don’t want to drink pots.

I know that the healing was bad when I ended up having to self heal myself and the rest of the fighters hitting Lolth kept on dying but at a point as we were struggling fighting the legs the other healer decided that ‘people didn’t bring their dps, going for XP instead) and leaves.

I don’t mind giving pots away to healers that use resources. But DPS was not the issue. It was a strict healing issue. I know it since I also run a healer and I noticed the amount of dings. Nor was it an issue about people not removing curses. I saw them do it and they were left unhealed.

And that is the first person I have squelched in years. Once in a blue moon. I really don’t want to deal with people who don’t wait for the consensus that we should drop and reform, but complain about DPS as an excuse to get out of a mess that was partially his problem.

My hope is that I will never get to run with that guy again – I’ve seen so many worse situations repaired as long as there’s a will and that people ‘re-group’. Like ‘concentrate on the lags and kite the bugs’. That works. ‘We’ll give you all the pots you need, just lets get this done’. That works.

After that I kind of left and decided to do something else. I had suffered fools enough that night and I could always get my accomendation another time.


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