It’s time to one hand clap myself outta here

I’m done. I didn’t see it. But it is happening. What was living with Ugla really about? Once in a bazillion years my wife created a dwarf and then she kind of sorta never played it again. Its name was Ugla. Now she plays other chars – when she plays. I could’ve changed the title of my blog to ‘Rants galore’ or ‘My heads’a poppin” or something, but I kept it that way ’cause it almost had a ring to it.

But now ‘this’ is gone. The way we see it now. There’s no promise of a ‘new feature’ only that they’re going to ‘investigate’. Whatever that turns out to be the years of thoughts I’ve poured and not remain in the dust bin, will be like the philosophical aspect of the sound of one hand clapping or do trees exist if no one is there to hear them fall (or something rather)?

I’m not that insecure. I will go on existing (as much as all colors of the spectrum reflects of what should be a biological form if there’s a form of photonic emission) but what will happens with my bewildered thoughts if I can’t find a way to release them?

In that I can give you the final report that I’ll use this weekend to spit out the last few tiers of ranger and druid to get my final twist. I need 2 more fate points and more tiers of sumthing to get there.

Then I’ll consider TRing (at the moment I make the 2 GS items I’m missing).

And that’s it.

It was fun, but come April someone is pulling the flusher.


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