Tappin’ out

I’m running out of good XP. Due to the stupid XP penalty system and I’m right there trying to squeze in another few tiers of the ranger destiny so I can jump over to druid so I can get that tier 1 feature already. But it ain’t easy when the penalties mount.

But I did break the pace a lil’ when I joined an EN Citw yesterday – counting on getting completely hosed on commendations (because I need 1) and probably pull stuff I don’t need. In addition of course to the 6 chests of general trash worse then what you find elsehwere. Elminster sure knows how to polish a turd.

Everything went smooth – we had 2 great healers and a good assortment of DPS. All in all it was a ‘by the numbers’ type deal and I did my part. So when it comes to the chest part – where you know you’re suppose to be all excited but in citws case it’s more like the end of a shift working in the sewers and all you have to look forward to is a cold shower, I pulled no commendations (as I thought) and the handwraps and the spear. Two things I really didn’t want. So I put the handwraps up for roll but kept the spear. It’s a cool thing to have and maybe I play around with it for a bit.

Ironically this weekend provides 20% heroic and epic XP.  I’m at the point I’d love to TR and this would be a great opportunity, but I kind of want my GS weapons first. It really helps. So I’ll see if I can’t use that XP to get something out of the diminishing pool of XP and quests out there and knock those final things out as I do a few shroud for good measures.


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