A new home, and it feels…strange

I can’t help it, but I need a canvas for my rants. I’m not a perfect blogger per say. Sometimes I don’t write something for months. But when I do, I blog a lot. Yes – it is a play on that beer commercial. But since this is not DDO, I won’t keep it exclusively as DDO. Not that I play a lot of different things but sometimes DDO wears me out and I find something else that can pick up my fancy for a pit. No other MMO tho, unless you count WoT as a specific one (World of Tanks).

And that would be it for online play. I sometimes get so into games that it’s hard to focus on something else, so that’s why DDO have been a constant companion with me since F2P in 2009 even though I’ve taken a semi-month long break from time to time (few and far between). And even If I’ve spent both time and money playing something like WoT I’ve had no problem ‘quitting’ it, going strong now for a good 2-3 months even though I did spent maybe 1 or so days lately throwing some tanks at it (admittedly halfheartedly).

Don’t worry tho – I’m keeping politics out of this blog. I save my half-baked political rants for other forums and this is strictly about me and games. Sorta. There will be a smidge of reality but only in so far it relates to games (somehow).

I will miss MyDDO. I will. And it’ll be lonely here in no mans land – between a mountain of choices and a sea of ‘look at me – I play games’. I’ll have to fend for myself among giants – people who have blogged for ages and drag around the adulations of fans like plum grapes. And I’ll have to distinct my voice in an ocean of far more interesting people who can do things like play banjo with their toes (I’m sure there is such a person) or even whistle the Finnish Anthem in reverse.

But at least I’ll be me. Lost as I am – with a voice however faint, talking about stuff as they push themselves from inside my skull to the tip of my fingers.


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