The insanity that is called the SHAH

manaclesI’m not a genius and I sometimes don’t spend my TP and Plat well – like buying a scroll for lots of plat just to pull it later myself. But when I look at the new shard auction house it illustrates full well peoples idea of value vs peoples ideas of if they can find a sucker.

You’ll notice that more accurately around items that people seem to want and that some percieve having a greater value then it does. Like Dream Visor – not a bad pair of goggles but you’ll quick to find it for millions of plats or 300 shards minimum. Or like this fantasy – 800 shards for a EH version of the Manacles.

They’re not bad – but close to 50 real dollars worth? I generally buy TP when they’re on sale. And I try to buy at least the 60 dollar bundle, higher if I have the money. That gives me the most ‘bang for the bucks’ in a world where I’m buying something without any real value to it. Try to get a coffee for your TP and you’ll see what I mean.

I do understand that some use the SHAH as an extension of their shared bank – putting some items out there for 6000+ knowing that MAYBE there’s someone dumb enough to buy it but most likely won’t – providing that person with 20 ‘free’ slots of ‘inventory’ space, but the same can’t be said about those who post some items for 700-1500 points. Hoping that someone is willing enough to pay what amounts to over 40-70 real dollars for one single item.

I’ve never acted like that; if I put something on the AH and SHAH I put it at a price I’m willing to pay for it. That’s why my items generally sells. The problem as I see it is that so many are caught in the crossfire of these two system and that the value of one system (plat) is all but gone (finding regular Dream Visor EN items for 1+ mill is one indicator) and the confusion of value for something that can be bought using real money.

Sure – there are those with bottomless money resources that can and will buy themselves everything they need. But the reality is of course that most don’t and when a valid way of trading items become perverted by lack of understanding and a big pinch of greed – I find myself trying to get simple items for overinflated prices and wondering where peoples heads really are.

It’s sad when you see it, but it is what it is. And while I’m still looking for an EE Bulwark, I refuse to pay 2 mill plat for one or 700 shards. I’m not blowing north of 40 bucks on an item that once equipped is BTC until I too try to unload it.

I doubt Turbine cares; they’re happy to sell you 35 dollars worth of points (3100 points and 500 shards cost you 2500 points) for suckers that don’t mind overpaying for items. And at the same time take 30%-40% of those shards in AH fees.

Like the EN Daggertooths that I sold for 150 shards (THAT is what I think the value should be – not 500+ like I’ve seen). 30% later and I recieved 105 shards. Turbine took almost a third of the value just for me using their system.

One more reason why this money grab system grates me the wrong way.




2 thoughts on “The insanity that is called the SHAH

  1. teachersyn

    There’s more to just Turbine’s desire to monetize the game further (something I don’t object to; they are a company and revenues are needed for the game and their employees to exist). There is now substantial confusion, as with the countries of Europe prior to the adoption of the Euro currency. You can buy things on the DDO Store with Turbine Points. You can use in-game platinum. You can use collectibles. You can use special tokens. You can use Astral Shards. I’m sure I’m missing something, but that’s my point.

  2. samiusgurobo

    I also don’t mind Turbine wanting to make money, my issue is as always with the players that are doing the listing. do they really not realize what their shard buyout/starting bits are in TP then cash? Come on people…


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