Tanking is possible, but you still take some spanking

I started out farming for mats with Ranger; it’s far better equipped and do a lot more in DPS then my tank – and it can actually do all level 25 Cannith ones without issue. Not only because of FotW and the effect of furyshot (what people have named multiarrow together with the epic moment) but also on a individual fight basis those heavy hitting adrenaline hits does short work with all type of critters.

That’s not true with my tank – even in a better destiny like Legendary will be short on DPS in some of the challenges. Like the one for Jade scorpions where as soon as the kobold picks up the huge crystal you’ll get ambushed by 3 drow (casters, shooters and rogues), lions and giant(s). That can be though if you don’t have enough DPS to take them down quickly and my tank wouldn’t. Sure, he’d get one or two drow down but the rest would be ambushed by all the other critters. However with furyshot he’ll usually down everything except the giant before the manyshot runs out and then he has plenty of juice left from the epic moment to smack him around. And that’s before the kobold with the crystal is even halfway to the giant.

But as soon as I was done with 2 succesful runs (500 and 600+ mat respectively) I noticed that a EE run for the belly of the beast (or whatever) was up. One of the final quests I have left in order to get 375 in favor. That would get me to 369 and within striking distance of max favor (and of course unlocking set bonuses and planar etc).

All good things. So after some waiting we finally had the troop assembled; a caster, a druid, me on my tank and a paladin, cleric and arti. Not bad. And thing started out wonky. We managed to get the slaver down along with the drider but things went plenty sideways when we hit the squid. First – stun and held. Both from the squid and the other casters. I tried valiantly to do the regular trip, stunning and self-heal while taking as much agro as possible – but I got stun and held and without heals also deaded. And this happened more the once. And worse of all – as we pulled back to regroup the whole enemy troop bounced and that meant full health. But to make that sorry story short – after lots of struggle and death and wasted resources they were dead.

So we regrouped, shrined and managed to diplo the release of the purple knight and since we had successfully dealt with the slaver, drider and squid we didn’t have to face them. But we did have to face the hordes.

The actual hard part is not inside the worm – it’s the battle in the arena and it’s as intense as the first time you went huntin’ for the bauble after the change. When the hordes of Shavarath barreled down on you on elite. Like an endless sea of pain and suffering.

But here it was first slaves, then snake people, then drows, then driders and then a bunch of orange named batte masters. One horde after another.

And when that’s all done the big worm attacks – and its smaller siblings. And you have to fight that and the audience as it trashed and destroys the arena and they fall down into it. In fact running around in the acid filled worm was a breeze compared to the arena fight.

First – I ended up dropping 2 cakes on the cleric. Once in the arena and once in worm. It was at a point where I rather use birthday cake cakes (ironic right?) or do this again at another time. And we were already buffless and 30+ minutes into it after waiting for a group for 20 minutes.

Lets just say I was motivated. Secondly it helped being a tank. I had unyielding on with twisted legendary and rejuvenating cocoon. And it helped. Not only could I self-heal, but I took fewer hits and far less damage. The result was that the slave horde was relatively easy for me. I kept agroing as many as possible and swinging my citw bastarsword around I did lots of negative damage. And the caster did as much as he could his best to dance everything around. This worked great on the slaves, a little less on the snake people. There my job was to first marginalize the casters. That’s important. I ended up agroing as much as I could, jump around and self-heal and trip and stun their casters where possible.

The drow was a little different; no casters but plenty of pain. Here I tried to agro but kept moving as not be surrounded and deaded. One thing is clear; who ever thought adding harrid to this battle is a moron. No seriously. I get what it’s for – so you don’t zerg through dungeons but the harrid effect is nonsense. Mostly because it’s a tanks JOB to do this type of stuff and to add this to the fight just because there’s lost of enemy is dumb.

The quest is hard enough – having to jump or run slow is just a dumb griefing in my opinion. It doesn’t belong in DDO, in quests but not in something like this. It just make you suck resources, it doesn’t add anything tactical to it.

Anyways – the driders were tougher for sure but they were not as many. The worst part was the battle masters. They hit hard and there are LOTS of them. I ended up jumping backwards self-healing and swinging. Pretty much doing some damage but mostly neg levels while running in a circle backwards until they were all low health and dancing. Then I stood my ground, took my hits and returned with gusto.

I’d say that the belly thing was easy. Sure – we had some deaths – which comes from all the acid damage, but there were far fewer to agro and managing it while swinging around and self-healing was intense but easier. And as we broke free from the worms guts, it was all but over. 2 chests of crud later I was not at 369 and hopefully soon also with all the pdk favor needed.


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