Are you livin’ in a live environment and is it ‘smart’?

One simple observation; in pvp (like World of Tanks) it’s to your eternal pain or relief that the players on both sides are all human. Good since you can’t exploit a rudimentary AI script ( use the abbreviation AI loosely in regards to games) but you’re forced to suffer a lot of fools.

A lot.

On the other hand in a game like DDO everything leads to a kind of familiarity without conflict. All critters fight you. You know wolves and panthers and Minotaur’s on the same side without conflict. Or Gelatinous cubes at the same space as other stuff.

Try pulling some critters in vale – such as rats towards dogs and you’ll see what I meant. They’ll form a ring around YOU. They don’t start attacking each others. In other words – you can’t use the environment against them – only the poor AI script.

So all in all – from the deep stupidity of some players to the innate desire of critters to attack you I was infinitely amused by the ‘AI’ in Far Cry 3 the other night.

Especially when you’re running about, see an animal – decide to hunt it – hear a growl and suddenly this dog or something kills the pig (or whatever) you were trying to shoot. Or when you attack a goat and suddenly a pack of wolf hears your shot and attacks you – along with some pirates that happened to be nearby.

The best thing I’ve come across so far was these two different outposts I attacked. At one this guy on top of a house wanted to nail me with a Molotov cocktail (for you who don’t know it’s an invention from WW II where you fill up a bottle with something flammable, stick a rag in the neck and then light it up and throw it. Perfect for cooking whatever you’re trying to destroy like the open hatch of a tank). But instead of hitting the hill I was firing from it hit a rail and soon the entire base was in flames.

Now THAT was funny.

The other time I was flanking another base – I killed one of the guys with a silenced sniper rifle, then moved around the flank and suddenly I hear this growl – apparently the pirate had angered a nearby gepard, leopard or tiger (one of those big cats) and it attacked and killed the last guy for me so I could take the base.

It was hilarious. I wish there was something like that in DDO. Where if you attack something and there happened to be something else nearby you can pull those two different creatures into a fight; I mean I HIGHLY doubt a bunch of huge spiders have much in common with human mercenaries. Other then one ending up as a meal.

And for World of Tanks I wish that some tankers exhibited just the basic kind of AI you find in any game – like at least look at the mini map and realize that we’re about to get flanked and destroyed so at least attempt to move something back to the base.

But whatever.


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