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The raid from Demonweb?

It’s not the first time I’ve played a quest or raid that takes forever and that for some strange reason still finish. I don’t know if people just told themselves that the alternative – giving up – wasn’t optional, or that ‘we’ve come this far so there’s no point to give up’ but there was literary all things going wrong and very little incentive to finish.

And when the raid was pushing two hours the most important part of a group like that (healers) started grumbling – and for good reasons. Like the two healers running out of spell points by the time the first part was out. That’s NOT good – so we shrined before the first time you usually do that. Now consider this was a caught in the web, that’s generally not a good sign.

And this was quickly followed by the healers running dry again before the second part. By then I had given one healer 5 major SP pots and I was out. And by the time we hit the end things were going bad and quickly. First we pull critters off the top – and wards stared spawning. And even if I had explained they would spawn our only ‘undoer’ didn’t really understand, know or pay attention. Because as the ward spawned in rapid pace so did the damage from all of them.

Then most of the group decided to fight on the web bridge where wards were spawning and by the time most people hit the top chars were dying and things went sour. And as the top got cleared more critters started to spawn and the small spiders killed off the few support along with circling Ana.

All of us dropped down, tried half heartedly to collect our wits and push for gold. But with so few resources we kept dying as a ward spawned ontop of the surrounded Ana and none of us could reach her.

As such we died over and over until things looked lost. But we were so close and we felt we could do it. So we recalled, rebuffed – held the session open and re-tried. One healer was on the verge of giving up completely.

To make this long long mess shorter – we finally conquered as we cleared the top, prepped and slogged ourselves to success.

And I ended up giving the other healer 7 more major SP pots including my commendation that I pulled. I know what lead to our success and this painful completion most likely cost both healers a lot of resources.

But in a way I did do everything right with my build. Like twisting in rejuvenation cocoon. Together with the divine one that increases spell pool with 10% and 30 SP of echoes. It really helped as I was able to constantly heal myself somewhat to stay alive and also heal others at times.

And with the ability to switch between 2 handed fighting for DPS and board and sword for protection and turtle, I also held agro at times so others could give things a beatdown. And that’s how I managed to keep 2 portal keepers busy while others cleared thrash. No kiting – just hide behind a shield and let them smack away with little chance to actually manage to hurt me.

So while I was just one cog in the wheel of final success, it did exactly what I wanted it to do. And I went away from the raid with Breach – not something I wanted but it was something. And another completion towards the 20th. There’s always that.