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My new Arti, now with more Bladeforge

I have two Arti’s, one human (my first) that ended up being my crafter (surprisingly still viable below epic levels) and my second made Arti that used to be Warforged. I’ve TR’d my first once – I don’t remember the reason but I assume it was to add some ability points and perhaps ‘fix’ some flubs. Not entirely unusual for a first time build in a new class. The Second have undergone 3 TR’s – 2 regular to add maximum ability points (1st was a sorc, second back to Arti – that added 4 more ability points and past life evocation with a trickle SP through the Sorc). My third (right now) is into a Iconic Bladeforged with a +1 lesser reincarnation to remove the first paladin level. I’m still at 15 but he looks cool – plus the idea was to get that reconstruct SLA for only 25 SP. Ultimately the idea is to end up with 3 Bladeforged reincarnations for the active component (repair).

It works good. There’s no significant difference between a WF or a BF other then the racial component (and starting at level 15). It’s possible that it’ll be a slight enhancement point crunch at the end due to spending more points in the BF racial part, but the idea is to at least justify adding the SLA the rest is to get enough into crit and crossbow/runearm damage as before. I might have to drop a few points of Int in the end – but I hope I don’t.

And speaking of crafting; I ended up crafting a ring and a necklace since I’ve never added much lower end gear to this Arti. Most of the stuff is at a Epic level. The ring adds 6 in Int and 7 in search and the necklace 6 Con with 7 Spot. It’s not much but it’s better than nothing and it completes the other gear. But I realize that if I want to do this a few more times I better get the Cannith bracer, boots, belt and repair ring to Max tier at level 15. Just so I can TR back to another iconic (in the future – I intend to do Epic TR’s after this) using the best gear at that level.

As it looks right now it’s semi gear well – I hope to have a Li II GS heavy repeater done shortly and I’m currently running around with a triple Pos GS repeater. I’m probably going to have to do the item with another toon since I have to reflag to get access to the altar and then let my Arti use the ship altars to tier the item. Simple enough since I should have all the mat needed already together with some left over shards.

Long time no write

What can I say, it started with me being disappointed at first with the rigid enhancement change (better now) and then the abysmal xpack that followed.

It sucked and drained all my energy for the game and while it only lasted for a month or so, I got back feeling less enthusiastic about the game than before. And I’m not 100 percent yet. Mostly because the raid scene is more or less dead, randomly generated items have destroyed a lot of the named stuff and I can’t get myself to run upper end xpack quests. Not only for the awful mechanics but also because they’re not fun.

Take the shadowfell effect. A purple headache inducing effect that people complained about during Beta testing and that has not changed since. No one likes it. It range from physically making you ill to making it harder to ‘see’. I can’t understand why they haven’t changed it yet but keep adding new features that breaks all the time.
Simply put, it’s hard to be happy about a system that reduced to many desired items to nothing and at the same time created a slew of terrible quests as the upper most ones. But it’s not all bad; we eventually got the new reincarnation system but with another set of preposterous requirements. Like 4200 BTC mats where you’re not even half way after hitting level 28 and running most stuff on EH. Only now when they’re running a double valor thing does it seem to be ‘almost right’.

But the ultimate issue with the reincarnation system is the karma together with Valor in running terrible upper end quests over and over.

Most of that comes from the fact that higher end quests reward more ‘valor’. I guess the idea is that it’s more ‘challenging’. But it isn’t. Running a level 24 on EN at level 28 is not harder than running a level 20 EN at level 20. To me a better system would be that all EN at level offer say 20, 30 for EH and 50 for EE. If you’re under level you get a bonus – say 10% more for 1 or more levels under. Kind of like Challenge mat.

And if you’re over level it gradually discount it down so that at level 28 only gives a level 22 10 – kind of like it is now with VON 3 runs on EN if you run as anything over level. So as a person level up, the amount of Valor they receive decrease. That would create a more even curve of valor as you progress through each level, as suppose to the glut of Valor towards the end. like now. The ultimate goal would be to achieve half or 2 thirds of the Valor needed by the time you hit 28 (30 next year) so that you can either decide to keep grinding Valor for a free heart OR count on one every second reincarnation. I’ m all for rewarding Turbine with money if they create a ‘fair’ system, but having to run roughly an entire 20-28 life again to grind out mats for a ‘free’ heart, then I can only assume it’s out of whack.

I certainly don’t want to reward a company for greeting so much boring and mindless grind for something that should be entertainment. Or as someone else noted; the new reincarnation system is instead of end game and to create a money grabbing scheme like this only pushes people away from the game.

That’s perhaps why I don’t feel like playing as much. The upper end quests are boring and unrewarding and grinding for karma and valor is terrible – especially in a off destiny.
And that’s the issue with the second part – karma.

Karma for each destiny is dumb. Partly because it makes very little sense and that if forces people who don’t want to reincarnate into a different class to off destiny level in 8 levels without much or any synergy. Which results in a lot of EN runs and perhaps some EH. By requiring 6 mill karma in one destiny (basically the entire level experience between 20-28) it becomes a horrid boring and mind numbing hamster wheel – and in the very bad upper end quests as well. Ultimately it would serve them better to have 1 karma pool. If you want a off destiny past life it costs you 10 million karma and if you want to do it ‘in destiny’ it costs you 5 mill. With 10 mill karma pooled at the max. In other words you can either stick around grinding karma after you hit cap in order to take a off destiny Epic past life or you can continue to ‘pool’ karma in each life until you got 10 and then take an off destiny.

What this means is that if there’s about 6.6 mill xp to hit level 28 (probably 8 mill by the time 30 is introduced) you can keep on pooling the excess karma each life until you have a few mill over to hit that magic 10 mill. That means roughly every 4th life or so – which is a much better trade off then having to run an entire life in a un-synergetic destiny. At least my suggestion allow people the freedom to play any which way they want and in so many life’s get that ‘off destiny’ past life for investing time in the game.

I know there are people who make the erroneous comparison to heroic reincarnation and sarcastically remarks that they’d like a wiz past life when running their monk. But the problem with destinies unlike enhancements is that they don’t all work for each class. At least the enhancements take in account the class and it’s tailor made for the class you run. So even if that monk life is boring you can at least challenge yourself with an enhancement system that fits the class of choice.

But the same can’t be said about playing a sorc running a divine destiny. And that is ultimately why the comparison fails and why the off destiny leveling together with destiny karma are horrible systems.

My hope is that Turbine realize this before they’re forced to merge servers or even worse; shut down DDO.